Change log - January 01, 2016 - 11:46 AM


* atvtrack.cpp: extract CPU initial boot from FPGA bitsream [MetalliC]

yep, its possible, at least for such FPGA family

* josvolly improvments:

* Identify cabinet type DIP switch

* Run the MCUs faster to get it back to same state as with simulation

* Remove now-unnecessary MCU simulation

(nw) I still don't want to drop the NOT_WORKING flag as the game's clearly still not quite right, but it's as playable as it was previously now, but using original MCU code for CPU comms. The clocks are still guesses, just better guesses.

* josvolly: running the MCUs faster gets it back to the state it was in with the MCU simulation

* this is Sparta^C++11! (nw)

* gsword WIP:

* Split out gsword and josvolly functionalit from base driver class

* Hooked up josvolly MCUs for communication between CPUs

* Added DIP locations to josvolly based on test mode

* Named unknown DIP settings after the location they control in main RAM

* Hooked up josvolly MCUs for communication, still preliminary

* Marked josvolly NOT_WORKING, simulation still present for reference

(nw) The MCU code only makes sense if there are a pair of them hooked up

together. There are effectively two programs, selected by whether P27

is tied high (master) or low (slave) at reset. Master and slave have

all corresponding P1 lines connected, master P20 connects to slave

TEST0, and master P21 connects to slave TEST1. You can see commands

and responses pass between the master and slave, it's very chatty. Test

mode seems to work, but game mode fails a check after a couple of

seconds and dumps status codes on the screen. There's still something

missing in the MCU hookup, and I'd guess there's something attached to

the AY output ports, too.

* Merge pull request #1901 from ajrhacker/natkeytoggle

Correct natural keyboard handling of toggle keys

* Fix for a potential problem if natural keyboard input gets disabled while machine is running (nw)

* Correct natural keyboard handling of toggle keys

* rohga.cpp: Fix Schmeiser Robo DEMO Sound dipswitch - NW

* mc68681: Channels C and D can now transmit properly for sc28c94. [R. Belmont]

* mc68681: Preliminary support for SC28C94 QUART. [R. Belmont]

* rohga.cpp: Dipswitch improvements [Brian Troha]

Add dipswitch locations to all sets

Filled in missing difficulty switches for Schmeiser Robo

Filled in most switches for Hangzo

* armedf.cpp: Remove comment - Caps0ff confirmed it's a 8751

* Merge pull request #1893 from rfka01/master

Added info on several already emulated systems in the header.

* Added info on several already emulated systems in the header.

* ibm5150.xml, ibm5170.xml: additions (nw)

* Merge pull request #1899 from ajrhacker/asuka_ls157

asuka, mofflott: Add 74LS157 for MSM5205 interface (nw)

* asuka, mofflott: Add 74LS157 for MSM5205 interface (nw)