Change log - February 01, 2017 - 13:43 PM


* Merge pull request #2034 from JoakimLarsson/cpu20

Force CPU-20

* fccpu20: Added board ID support, gives the right banner now, and improved board variant modelling

* fccpu20: Added board variants cpu-21, cpu-21a, cpu-21ya, cpu-21b, cpu-21yb and cpu-21s, differs in CPU speed and memory mainly

* Apple Laserwriter II NT: Updated driver quite a bit, improved the overlay emulation and ram mapping, passes more self tests, added as much info about memory maps as could be easily derived without PAL dumps. [Lord Nightmare]

* Arrow Bingo: Added a new input requested by the code. Added

more technical notes about the program. [Roberto Fresca]

* nmk16.cpp: All Red Hawk sets use the same sound data so use same name - NW

* Merge pull request #2033 from ajrhacker/devcb_consistency

* Make devcb objects more consistently available for further configuration (nw)

* Power Card (Ver 0263, encrypted): Dumped the CY7C291A from inside of the custom CPU. Added technical notes. [Team Europe, Roberto Fresca]

* Use std::sort instead of qsort in listdevices (nw)

* Mega Card (Ver.0210, encrypted): Redumped the CY7C291A from inside of the custom CPU. Also changed the set name to megacard. [Team Europe, Roberto Fresca]

* Arrow Bingo: Fixed clocks to be more accurate, hooked principal inputs to make the game playable, added technical notes and cleaned-up a bit the driver. [Roberto Fresca]

* Merge pull request #2032 from JoakimLarsson/via6522_fix

Via6522 fixes

* via6522: fixed so shift out and in flank is not controlled by pcr in accordance with datasheet

* via6522: added stop of device_timer when going from internaly to externaly clocked shift modes

* via6522: fixed 50/50 duty cycle for T2 and O2 driven CB1 shift IN & OUT on CB2

* via6522: updated LOG messages to latest cut and added some new

* build fix (nw)

* Fixed a number of issues:

- Fixed crashes on terminals without nets (i.e. connected to a rail)

- Reviewed "FIXMEs" and corrected some minor ones.

- Made m_cur_analog protected.

- Fixed pmf delegates to work with msvc.

- More optimizations to the solver code.

- Started work on a better signal pipeline in nlwav

- Only generate documentation for entities which are documented.[Couriersud]

* Merge pull request #2028 from intealls/master

* Fix issues on 32-bit builds and clamp latency

* Added lots of German and French roms for various pinball games [PinMAME]

* new working clone added


Red Hawk (Greece) [Abelardator2]

* Merge pull request #2031 from OzFalcon/QixService

* Correctly assign service buttons

Mame Testers Bug:

* made lchicken layout clickable (nw)

* hh_cop400: added lchicken internal layout (nw)

* hh_cop400: change 1bit bleepers back to filtered speaker device, sounds much better (nw)