Change log - June 01, 2017 - 08:09


* [Ram Device] Better detection of bad -ramsize strings, move some private code to anonymous namespace (#2336)

* [Ram Device] Better detection of bad -ramsize strings, move code to anonymous namespace

There was a longstanding bug where '-ramsize 16kfoo' would be treated as '-ramsize 16k'

* Changed parse_string() to explicitly look for the suffixes "[k|m][|b|ib]"

* MT 06594

* tail2nos: Add flip screen support; document non-effect of "Country" switch

* mcompgin lcd segments verified by Sean (nw)

* New NOT_WORKING clone added


Chrysler Electronic Voice Alert (24-function) [hap, Sean Riddle, David Viens]

* 1st half of devices/machine to device_add_mconfig (nw)

* devices/cpu to device_add_mconfig (nw)

* Attribution correction for Hungarian language translation (nw)

* eva11: fixed speech pins hookup (nw)

* apricot: Switch to the other Z80SIO