Change log - July 01, 2017 - 16:18


* stv.cpp: corrected Taiwan BIOS label [cpsystem3]

* new NOT_WORKING clone


Virtua Striker 4 (Export) (GDT-0014) [rtw]

* intlc440 improvements:

* Implemented front panel mode switches/LEDs and reset switch

* Added skeleton bus for "universal" slots and connected control lines

(nw) Default keyboard mapping is annoying because left shift, Z and X

are used both for typing into the TTY and switching program bank. You're

better off changing the mapping to make it less annoying or using a

socket and talking to it with telnet.

* New clones marked as NOT_WORKING


Fighting Vipers (Revision B) [Phil Bennett, MooglyGuy, Tourniquet, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

* Fix tiny build (nw)

* victory: Add PIO devices (nw)

* All roms need a CRC32 and an SHA1 hash, even the baddumps! (nw)

* plugins/cheat: documentation (nw)

* plugins/cheat: link simple cheats

* ncr5390: Improve [P. Mackinlay]

* improved initiator transfer information logic

* split transfer count/counter

* added rudimentary 53c90a/53c94 support

* reworked initiator transfer information state machine: should now support all scsi phases

* improved handling of dma/non-dma commands

* added an undocumented hack to make InterPro work

* match updated 5390 device

* inherit memory map

* implemented interrupt status flag in status register for 53c90a, this is critical for InterPro

* plugins/cheat: fix nes gg decoder (nw)

* legionna.h - initialize tile banks to 0, this should fix problems on linux & debug builds (nw) (#2430)

* hh_sm510: fix small problem with one of the digit segments (nw)

* new NOT_WORKING clone


War: The Final Assault (EPROM 1.91 Apr 13 1999, GUTS 1.3 Apr 7 1999, GAME Apr 7 1999) [rtw, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

* new NOT_WORKING clone


World Kicks PCB (World, WKC2 Ver.A) [rtw, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

* hh_sm510: make svg backgrounds white (nw)

* hh_sm510: added background vector graphics to gnw_ml102 [ChoccyHobNob]