Change log - January 02, 2016 - 10:51 AM


* restore cabinet type dipswitch and srcclean changess (nw)

* make DEBUG=0 and SYMBOLS=0 behave (nw)

* rohga.cpp: Spacing - NW

* Merge pull request #1907 from ajrhacker/ator

* New NOT WORKING pinball

- Ator (Videodens)

The dump is credited to Gonzalo. The first program ROM is unfortunately missing, so this is for (partial) preservation only.

* Fix ibm5150.xml (nw)

* Fix gsword.cpp (nw)

* rohga.cpp: Reapply dipswitch fixes. - NW

* Merge branch 'master' of

* Merge pull request #1905 from SailorSat/master

harddriv: hook up outputs and add "single screen"-layouts for race drivin' panorama (nw)

* Rewritten Namco C148 device (interrupt controller) [Angelo Salese]

Rewritten Namco C139 device (SCI) [Angelo Salese]

Fixed POS interrupt generation for Winning Run/Winning Run '91/Winning Run Suzuka GP [Angelo Salese]

Fixed trail tachometer drawing in Winning Run [Angelo Salese]

* Merge branch 'master' into c148_rewrite

# Conflicts:

# hash/ibm5150.xml

# src/mame/drivers/gsword.cpp

# src/mame/drivers/rm380z.cpp

# src/mame/drivers/rohga.cpp