Change log - February 02, 2017 - 14:15 PM


* LaserWriter II NT: hooked up interrupts to 68k, doesn't seem to boot any further, needs more investigation. [Lord Nightmare]

* small cleanup (nw)

* Don't crash on bad cheat expressions, also make the code look more like 'enterprise-grade' C++

* Hopefully fixed a compile error with some compilers (nw)

* fix chd build (nw)

* yo sup dawg (nw)

* typo fix (nw)

* Disable PIN64 logging. (nw)

* Get PIN64 code to function correctly. (nw)

* Make N64 RDP use uint64_t types for commands (nw)

* Addad PIN64 logger class. (nw)

* De-hardcode "Diagnostic Step" inputs in Atari games

(nw) I have some doubts of the viability of this approach as a long-term solution, but it's at least a slight improvement.

* Merge pull request #2036 from OzFalcon/bzoneService

* Correctly assign service button(s)

* c64: Emulated the PPP Speakeasy 64 (Votrax SC-01-A) cartridge. [Curt Coder]

* atom: renamed softlist atom_cart -> atom_rom (nw)

* bbcb_cass: fixed publisher name (nw)

* zx81_cass: New WORKING software list

* zx80_cass: New NOT WORKING software list

* zx81: added tzx cassette format

* apd_dsk: improved identify and simplified load (nw)

* vic20: Emulated the PPP SpeakEasy (Votrax SC-01-A) cartridge. [Curt Coder]

* Arcade build restructuring (nw)

- Create EFO, Promat, Terminal, Wing projects to help reduce the weight of libmisc

- Eliminate Veltmeijer Automaten project (only two games by this company are in MAME, and one actually on Excellent System hardware)

* Merge pull request #2035 from fulivi/hp9845_dev9

Bug fix for HP9895

* hp9845: fixed a weird case of missed synchronization in 9895 drive

* hp9845: fixed a bug in PHI driver (no data freeze when a sec. address is received)

* gekisou: De-hardcode the service mode input

* Fix build by removing unused dummy ROM definitions (nw)