Change log - December 02, 2016 - 07:58 AM


* guab: hook up 4th ppi

* guab: label some outputs

* guab: more cleanups, hook up ppi and acia

* Merge pull request #1749 from bradhugh/dynamic_api

Created DYNAMIC_API macros for dynamic bind helper classes

* Update name of DYNAMIC_API macros (nw)

* Simpler low-cost implementation making modules and function pointers class members instead (nw)

* Fix compile issue by using std::ref wrapper (nw)

* Changing singleton to be thread safe (nw)

* Remove LoadLibrary hack from UWP (nw)

* fix gcc compile issue (nw)

* Update dwrite debugging functions with DYNAMIC_API (nw)

* Update DirectWrite font provider to use DYNAMIC_API (nw)

* Created DYNAMIC_API macros for cleaner definition of dynamically linked functions

* guab: cleanup, hook up sn76489 ready signal, hook up some debug leds

* Don't use mem_mask as ATA doesn't have an equivalent mechanism for byte accesses and it could mask out data that real hardware would keep. Instead fix issue with 68000 byte writes to sector count by only taking the bottom 8 bits from the bus. [smf]

* Merge pull request #1786 from JoakimLarsson/prodigy

* Prodigy: Added layout