Change log - February 03, 2017 - 12:37 PM


* lwriter.cpp: add debugger fences, some more tracing documentation (nw)

* egret: fix clock polarity to match VIA6522 corrections. (nw)

* LaserWriter II NT: Further WIP, passes another self test [Lord Nightmare]

* m6805 updates:

* Fix disassembly of BIT opcodes

* Don't burn cycles on disabled interrupts

* Add partially implemented MC68HC05C8 and MC68HC705C8A

* Implement 'HC05 digital I/O, timer/capture/compare and COP watchdogs

* Probably still some bugs in 'HC05 peripherals

Also use pure virtual method for Amiga keyboard interface (nw)

* fix pin64 compile warnings, make curly bracket style consistent (nw)

* Make debugger fall back from binary to default base on 0b prefix

* This makes expressions like 0B12 parse as hex in hex memory spaces

* Where there's ambiguity (e.g 0B01) binary takes precedence

* Treat commands as blocks, 50% file size savings for PIN64 captures. (nw)

* Create pin64_printer_t and remove pin64_command_block_t. (nw)

* Rework PIN64 to use an unordered_map for matching. (nw)