Change log - February 03, 2017 - 12:27 PM


* bcruzm12: Change PSGs to AY8912; note on PCB

* Fixed Battle Cruiser M-12 sprite colors

The ship hull is red and not grey

See here


* helps to get the right file, doesn't it (nw)

* whoops, that's important (nw)

* m68hc05: implement edge-sensitive external interrupts

* new working clone added


Puzznic (US) [Coolmod]

* cpc_flop.xml: switched some clones of The Vindicator to be as such, instead of clones of Vindicators. (nw)

* new not working clone added


Virtua Bowling (Honk Kong, V101HJS) [Abelardator2]

different encryption? (nw)

* New Head Panic Clone

New Clone Added


Head Panic (ver. 0702, 02/07/1999) [hammy, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]

* lastbank: Working sound and music

ES-8712: Add busy status read and notes on device

Misc. ES-related code cleanups (nw)

* Avoid conflict with Apple C++ runtime header nl_types.h

* plugins/hiscore: use videoram share for missile command scores so madsel isn't disturbed (nw)

* polepos.cpp: Input improvements

- Correct DIP switches and locations for polepos2bi and polepos2bs

- Fix bootleg mft. info for polepos2bs

- Use modern DEVCB features to make extra 4-bit input ports unnecessary

* Avoid confusion of "Speakeasy" description shared between a machine and a device, expanding on the device's shortname and description (nw)

* Merge pull request #2037 from OzFalcon/5clownService

* Correctly assign service button(s)

* Merge pull request #1 from mamedev/master

Update Master

* new working software list addition:


pico.xml: Ecco Jr. e la GrandeCaccia al Tesoro nell'Oceano! (Ita) [f205v]

* New working clone added


Missile Attack [f205v]

Also made mcombat, mcombata and mcombats boot. They still need inputs, sound (AY8912).

* aerofgt.cpp: cleaned up audiocpu rom loading, avoided some tag lookups, thus minor speed up (nw)