Change log - July 04, 2017 - 10:03


* Revert f8 behaviour, to run until next start of vblank, by re-adding a check that was removed as part of this commit (nw)

SHA-1: 56bd36c5ef3960874628bc08cbfcedf4c6057a19

* Major refactoring of debugger core [Ryan Holtz]

* Eliminate globals/file statics

* Remove lots of stuff from global scope

* Use std::function for custom command registration

* Eliminate some trampolines

* Build fixes from Vas Crabb and balr0g

* megasys1.cpp: Add information regarding R&T (Rod-Land Prototype) [Ryou]

* interpro: scsi is working [P. Mackinlay]

* reworked dma, added eth regs

* passing all iogadiag tests if bus error hack is enabled

* improved 5390 device, removed legacy scsi stuff

* remove bom (nw)

* crystal.cpp: Correct pinout for gun connector & change JAMMA to 56PIN connector (nw)

* crystal.cpp: Document P's Attack edge connector pinout which is non JAMMA (nw)

* What the heck? (nw)

* Merge pull request #2431 from shattered/_ac3934a

sun1: replace console hack with upd7201 device

* sun1: replace console hack with upd7201 device

* hh_sm510: improved gnw_jr55 LCD segments [hap, JonasP]

* shootaw2: added dumped EEPROM image [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

* hh_sm510: improved gnw_mw56 SVG screen and added background graphics [hap, ChoccyHobNob, Tanukichi]

* Initialization ordering fixes (nw)

* isa.cpp: add unmap_device method and in install16_device use io space width (nw)

* southbridge.cpp: split the single rw handler to io ports 60 and 61 into two separate handlers one for each port (nw)

To support systems in the future where the southbridge does not contain a keyboard controller.

* New machines marked as NOT_WORKING


Super Derby II [Phil Bennett, Hammy]

-sg1000a.cpp: Renamed sderby2 to sderby2s [Phil Bennett]

* satops.hxx: stricter bounds checking [nw]

* kinst.cpp: added AnyIDE roms, switched to bios system (nw)

* snk6502.cpp: made fantasy's US set the parent for consistency, since up until now the parent was the German version (nw)

* new not working machine


MAC Jungle [PinMAME]

* C++14 constexpr doesn't cooperate with universal references (nw)