Change log - February 05, 2017 - 13:01 PM


* Amiga 500 keyboard:

* Add layouts for France/Belgium, Italy and Sweden/Finland

* Remove some Alt- chars from Germany/Austria layout so natural keyboard produces canonical keystroke

* Add borderline usable dead keys for natural keyboard (also applies to A1200 keyboard)

(nw) To use dead keys, you need to type the acent character combined

with a space, followed by the letter. For example if the host system is

a Mac with U.S. or similar keyboard selected, you can type in the

emulated system in natural keyboard mode with Option-Shift-N Shift-A

(with emulated keyboard, it's Alt-J Shift-A in most keyboard layouts).

* Rebuild shaders, only metal is affected (nw)

* Update build scripts, BX is now static library (nw)

* Update BGFX and BX (nw)

* Update GENie

* Merge pull request #2030 from mgarlanger/basic_heathkit_updates

- h19 [Mark Garlanger]

- Added comments about the memory and port layout from the manual.

- Fixed the frequency of the beep/keyclick: 2kHz -> 1 kHz

- Fixed the duration of the keyclick: 4 mSec -> 6 mSec

- Fixed the screen size: 200 pixels high -> 250 pixels high

- The code appears to ignore it, and goes by what is programmed in the mc6845, which

is wrong, on a real H19, the screen size/character size does not change when the 25th

line is enabled/disabled. Only an extra line is shown on the screen. The emulated h19,

should always have space for 25 line, whether or not the 25th is enabled.

- Separated the alternative ROMs into separate machines.

-h89.cpp [Mark Garlanger]

- Fixed the memory map.

- Added the disk controller RAM to the lower memory

- Added comment about banked-switched ROM/RAM (Org-0).

- Fixed port addresses and added more comments to them.

- Many are still commented out, but the addresses are all valid now.

- Added SW501 switch definitions for the early ROMs.

- These are commented out, not show the right way to represent multiple definitions.

* Cleanup ROM definitions.

* A few fixes and more documentation for Heathkit H19 and H89.

* Remove some dependency between src/devices/ and src/mame (nw)

* lastbank.cpp: Add in Coin C coinage - NW

* lastbank.cpp: Name dip port locations as per service mode - NW

* lastbank.cpp: Filled in Coinage A & B as Demo Sounds dipswitches. [Brian Troha]

* remove trampoline (nw)

* Amiga keyboard updates:

* Put Amiga keyboard implementations in a namespace

* Factor out matrix keys to a common module shared by A500/A1200

* Make new German matrix based on US matrix with Alt-chars hooked up

* Remove outdated comment

* dblcrown: Simplify code by adding 8255 PPI; PSG type is YMZ284

* gcpinbal: Add interface for 93C46 EEPROM

- Remove unused variable (nw)

* restore PORT_CHANGED_MEMBER (nw)

* fix rev (nw)

* Amiga keyboard updates:

* Fixed Shift-Alt combinations with natural keyboard

* Fixed crash on keyboard inputs with four characters

* Corrected polarity of KB_DATA from Amiga to keyboard

* Completely rewrote 68HC05CxA-based A1200 keyboard device, now working

* Fixed KB_DATA mixing in A500 keyboard

* Made A500 keyboard caps lock LED output name consistent with A1200

* Added Alt- and Alt-Shift- characters to A500 US keyboard

* Fixed natural keyboard modifiers with LLE keyboards

* lastbank: Allow sound CPU to reset the ES-8712 and M6295

* new working clone


Zen Nippon Pro-Wrestling Featuring Virtua (Taiwan) [XeD]

* taito_l.cpp: puzznic - confirmed all sets uses same MCU, correct MCU clock as per PCB photo (nw)