Change log - June 05, 2017 - 08:34


* New working clone


Mach-9 (bootleg of Vulgus) [Marcos75, The Dumping Union]

* Fixed erroneous space padding before linefeed on -listclones and -listbrothers output. [Tafoid]

* ron.cpp: First look at sound (nw)

* Fix template_driver.cpp compile (nw)

* aceattac, aceattaca: First stab at I/O board (nw)

* tlcs90: Forwarding and some other stuff (nw)

* aussieby: Better way to set up the RTC (nw)

* naomi.cpp: converted existing M1-type cart SN# EEPROMs data to be like real dumps [MetalliC]

* voodoo: Also calculate dither pointer when needed for fogging. Fixes graphics crash in sf2049. (nw)

* dmadac: Check if list item exists before calling member function. (nw)

* adsp2100: Make HALT_LINE halt the cpu and add function for get base address of circular buffer. (nw)

* naomi.cpp: add 5 real dumps of SPI EEPROMs used in M1/171-7978B-type cartridges, docs update [f205v, MetalliC]

* fix incorrect docs so it not confuse people anymore (nw)

* more typo fixes (nw)

* various comment updates (nw)

* [CoCo] Changed device_cococart_interface implementations to do dynamic_casts at config completion (#2356)

This should be considered part of the CoCo cartridge overhaul. Vas (correctly) suggested that dynamic_casts should be done in interface_config_complete() to avoid calling them at runtime. This was actually happening inconsistently in the various implementations, and consolidating them is a good cleanup.

* ron.cpp: fixed compile (nw)



Ron II Mah-Jong [system11, Angelo Salese, The Dumping Union]v

* pcipc.cpp: add table with bios post codes strings for PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Revision 6 and use it as default (nw)

The tables that were already present did not have the correct codes used by the default bios in the pcipc machine.

* plugins/cheat: oops (nw)

* Fixed JVC disk format to correctly recognize 2 sided disks. (#2357)