Change log - January 06, 2016 - 15:52 PM


* greatgur MCU doesn't like impulse coins, add hack to simulated sets to make them work with non-impulse coins (nw)v

* Merge pull request #1861 from ZoeB/master

Clone ROM filename discrepancies

* Create handy ROM filename discrepancy spotter

* Merge pull request #1741 from FakeShemp/newdumps

Add more softlist documentation based off new dumps

* Add note.

* Remember to save this time -_-

* Oops.

* Formatting.

* Add new dump confirms from TeamEurope.

* Merge pull request #1544 from FakeShemp/vsmile

V.Smile - Update the software listsv

* Make ROM names more in-line with chip labels.

* V.Smile Baby parent error fix.

* Copy paste error.

* Forgot to update one Disney title.

* Merge branch 'master' into vsmile

* Small formatting work.

* Typo.

* Add some carts to undumped list.

* Fix typo.

* Document the last carts.

* Document some more carts.

* Update V.Smile carts documentation and undumped list. A-B done.

* Start to document the V.Smile carts

* Hopefully fix build for everyone - someone please work out a way to make the bgfx examples build on platforms with/without the POSIX 2008 strnlen function (nw)

* gladiatr.cpp: Improvements

* separate gladiatr and ppking state classes

* hook up all four MCUs in greatgur

* eliminate tagmap lookups on input read

* this fixes coinage in greatgur


nw) When starting for the first time, greatgur will come up with one

credit, and when doing an F3 reset it will randomly come up with one

credit or no credits. I think this has something to do with the dodgy

code for synchronising the master CPUs in the bootleg MCUs that depends

on how MAME initialises memory. (The MCU dumps we have come from a

bootleg set as far as I can ascertain.)

* write line member for terminal count line of upd765 (#1935)

* MT 06216