Change log - February 06, 2017 - 13:38 PM


* vic20: Emulated the Data 20 Display Manager 40/80 column video cartridge. [Curt Coder]

* new working:

Dodge Man [Shoutime, Darksoft, Anonymous Donator, Smittdogg, The Dumping Union]

(working with color and gfx glitches)

* Amiga 500 keyboard updates:

* Refactor function keys, keypad, etc. into a common set of inputs

* Add layouts for Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and UK

* Switzerland has French/German config option, natural mode only works for French

* lastbank: Add NVRAM; remap/rename inputs; RTC notes

* kothello: Add DIP SW2 and identify DIP switches and locations

* aquarium.cpp: Doc & Clock update

aquarium.cpp update [Brian Troha]

Replace PCB layout with with a more informational version.

List out major chips on the PCB including customs.

Correct OKI M6295 clock with actual resonator.

* Reference video recommended by briantro (nw)

* t10mmc: added Play Audio MSF (0x47) command, used by Another CD Player and Astrocounter of Crescents.

* Further Namco sound documentation (nw)

* Adjust/comment some entries to get compile working until src/mame/drivers/galgames.cpp is uploaded (nw)

* Fix build (nw)

* More complete Galaxy Games emulation: [Luca Elia]

- Created devices for the galaxy games carts (EEPROM + Flash + PIC) and the slot(s)

- Removed code patches and emulated the PIC communication and bank switching

- Converted the blitter to a device (cesblit.cpp)

- moved the Galaxy Games from tmaster.cpp to their own driver (galgames.cpp)

Provided the PIC code for all four StarPak cartridges [Keith M. Kolmos]

New working machines


Galaxy Games StarPak 3

[Keith M. Kolmos, Rod_Wod, Sean Sutton, Soren Skou Nielsen, Russell Howard, Francis Ramirez,

Tourniquet, BrianT, coolmod, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, Luca Elia]

* PIC cpu: fixes for writes with the status register as destination [Luca Elia]

- Write all bits except TO and PD, thus enabling e.g. bcf, bsf or clrf to change the flags.

- rlf and rrf must update the flags after the store to work correctly on this register.

* preliminary TLCS-870 disassembler - Work in Progress (#1967)

* gcpinbal: Load more music by sending interrupt when ES-8712 finishes playing sample

* Sync with upstream (nw)

* Netlist: It is now possible to have multiple handlers per device ...

... for updates. This will make device implementation more flexible and

faster. A nice side-effect is that there was some minor (<5%)

performance increase already. Each input is now assigned a notification

handler. Currently this is update, but going forward this may be a

custom handler. In addition

- fixed MEMPOOL on OSX

- removed dead code

- avoid bit-rot

- added delegate support for emscripten and arm processors

- added delegate support for VS 2015 x64


* Fix 9322. (nw)

* Add constexpr add noexcept. (nw)

* Doxygen work. How the heck can one enforce a consistent device documentation? (nw)

* Fix a bug in pstring.cpp causing crash if moved object is reused. (nw)

* Some documentation work.

Along the way, set default models for devices missing them.

Fix standalone makefile to work in mingw environment. (nw)

* Merge pull request #2041 from ajrhacker/gcpinbal_ioc

gcpinbal: Modernization and sound improvements

* gcpinbal: Modernization and sound improvements

- Break up the bogus IOC structure and use 8-bit handlers where appropriate. This fixes a music playback glitch due to the old handler's failure to take byte mirroring into account.

- Improve OKI M6295 sounds by using correct bit for banking

* new working machine


Sega Sonic Cosmo Fighter [ShouTime, Anonymous Donator, The Dumping Union]

* LUA to 5.3.4 (nw)

* Update GLM to latest (nw)

* Update sol2 (nw)

* new working clones


Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (Japan 960223) [ShouTime, Steven Fairbrother, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

* Updated Catch to latest (nw)

* New working machine added


Flash Boy (vertical) [DECO Cassette MD] (No.12/Ver.0/Set.1,Japan) [Game Preservation Society]

* Removed not needed files from bgfx build (nw)