Change log - March 06, 2017 - 09:36 AM


* apollo.cpp: Regression fix (nw)

* merit.cpp: PSG type is AY-3-8912

* Fix clang warnings in netlist code.

Fixed -Winconsistent-missing-destructor-override warnings. Made

some constructors of template classes and classes with virtual .. = 0

methods protected. Fixed src/lib/netlist/build/makefile (nw)

* Merge pull request #2115 from kazblox/master

Softlist additions and corrections

* nes: mkgoogoo added, dancekar works, corrections (nw)

* ay8910: Handy guide to bus control signals (nw)

* ay8910: Rename write handler, as it's not that most common setup

* popper: Fix audio hookup

* ay8910: Add a write handler for the case of bc1=a0 and bc2=a1

* z180: DMA fixes [R. Belmont]

- Count of 0 means 0x10000, as with other DMA controllers

- Fixed scheduling so burst mode DMA is always serviced immediately with no CPU ops interleaved

* More cppcheck fixes. (nw)

* Fix some cppcheck warnings. (nw)

* New working clone


Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (World 910129) [Janniz]

* Comment correction (nw)

* Correct MMOD bit for Z180 DMA

* lb186: fix date (nw)

* New not working


Ampro Computers Little Board/186 [Carl, Al Kossow]

Out of WN

Requires "Monitor Busy" IRQs from the 5380 to read the SCSI HDD.

* fix zexall build (nw)

* Changed a few more 'const char *' ==> 'const std::string &' (#2111)

* m20: fix kbd tx (nw)

* popper: Hook up inputs, rename audio cpu to sub cpu, hook up flip screen