Change log - May 06, 2017 - 08:02 AM


* New working clone


Bagman (Taito) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]

* spoker.cpp: a couple more dips identified (nw)

* 8080bw: update some documentation for Space Ranger (nw)

* galaga.cpp: reinstated Nebulous Bee from exile. This was removed a long time ago, when MAME didn't want to include hacks/bootlegs with simple modifications. Still, this PCB is quite common. (nw)

* New working clone


Captain Silver (Japan, revision 1) [Apocalypse, The Dumping Union]

* This is now totally fatal, so use a proper error message (nw)

* clpoker: More DSW findings (nw)

* mcs48: Convert ports to devcb (nw)

- T0, T1 and PROG handlers are now 1-bit rather than 8-bit

- Eliminate several T0/T1 handlers that DEVCB macros can take care of now

- T0 CLK output emulation (untested)

* mame.lst: fic clone name (nw)

* (nw) Fixed warning message.

* new WORKING machine


Gunstar Heroes (Mega Play) [colour thief, brizzo]

* rastan.cpp: Remove comment that no longer applies (nw)

* new Rastan Sega clone

New Clone Added


Rastan Saga (Japan Rev 1) [Michel BLANCO]

previous set by the same name becomes "Rastan Saga (Japan Rev 1, Earlier code base)"

* iteagle: Added save states to iteagle driver.

* seattle: Update driver to new PCI bus system.

* pci: Add save state support. (nw)

pci-ide: Allow for setting the top 12 decode address bits in legacy mode. (nw)

pci-ide: Add save state support. (nw)

pci9050: Add save state support. (nw)

vrc4373: Add save state support. (nw)

gt64xxx: Remove address map trampolines. (nw)

gt64xxx: Add save state support. (nw)

atlantis: Add save state support. (nw)

* Check for callback name being a null pointer before sending it to %s. (nw)

* clpoker.cpp: identified some dips (nw)

* some timer_set removal (nw)