Change log - June 06, 2017 - 08:22


* kan_pand.cpp: Eliminate driver_data dependency (nw)

* Fix mametesters bug #3041 (#2359)

* starshp1: Fast/Slow control from toggled to momentary, as in real game

* Update clocks per latest information

* Add note about Throttle Level behaviour

* Change format of comments

* aerofgt.cpp: Video and sound refinements

- Fix sound loss in spinlbrk and clones caused by misconfigured ROM bank

- Work towards flip screen support for most games; aerofgtb is nearly correct now

* Merge pull request #2362 from sjy96525/patch-8

Correct descriptions for Gradius 4 : Fukkatsu, Silent Scope 2

* Correct description Gradius 4 : Fukkatsu, Silent Scope 2

In according with Test mode and boot up.

* Initial support for SiS85c496/497 PCI chipset. [R. Belmont]

* Verify some same label different hash (sldh) rom parts and commented following established procedures. (nw)

* Merge pull request #2361 from MASHinfo/master

Fixed missing VLM5030 speech in Hyper Crash

* Fixed missing VLM5030 speech in Hyper Crash

Fixed missing VLM5030 speech in Hyper Crash since MAME 0.176. Also increased VLM volume.

MAME 0.176:

Convert VLM5030 to device_memory_interface; correct region lengths

Fix VLM loading in jailbrek and clones

* z80scc: Move rearming of tx interrupt from tx buffer write to transmit complete when using WR0_RESET_TX_INT. (nw)

* royalmah.cpp: added 6845 to janyoup2 (nw)

* Split PROMs (nw)

* Working mahjong panel inputs (nw)

* Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

* HP9845: improved keyboard mapping & German layout (#2351)

* hp9845: improved keyboard mapping

* hp9845: removed log message

* hp9845: implemented SHIFT LOCK key. Added pop-ups to show state of toggle keys. Better naming of keys.

* hp9845: implemented 45B/45C/45T variants with German keyboard layout

* hp9845: updating of softkeys on bezel decoupled from their irq status

* hp9845: lowered volume of beeper (was too loud according to A.Kueckes)

* floppy: should have been ">=" from the start, ops!

* floppy: ops #2! Left a debug printf in..

* hp9845: Added PORT_CHAR macros to characters on German kbd

* hp9845: added output to layout LEDs for latching keys

* hp9845: removed redundant PORT_NAMEs from German kbd mapping

* ron2: Various improvements (nw)

- Make sound commands actually work

- Some more plausible clocks based on PCB photo

- Actually use T0 CLK for something