Change log - July 06, 2017 - 07:59


* tidy (nw) (#2444)

* ddenlovr.cpp: fixed MT05900 (nw)

* z80scc: basic wait/dma request support (#2441)

* improved initiator transfer information logic

* split transfer count/counter

* added rudimentary 53c90a/53c94 support

* reworked initiator transfer information state machine: should now support all scsi phases

* improved handling of dma/non-dma commands

* added an undocumented hack to make InterPro work

* match updated 5390 device

* inherit memory map

* z80scc: basic wait/dma request implementation

* z80scc: renamed WRDY to WREQ to match datasheet, minor touch-up

* (nw) flicker: added notes.

* flicker updates:

* Add save state support

* Remove NVRAM - it's unlikely a dynamic PMOS RAM would be battery-backed

* Hook up the rest of the inputs (operator adjustments)

* React to input changes on test line

* mcs40 updates:

* Split ROM and RAM port address spaces

* Split RAM memory and status address spaces (no more read/modify/write)

* Fixed bug in FIN handling

* Exposed cycle callback

* Implemented most of intelc440 front panel

* Added preliminary internal artwork for intlc440

* Re-implmented flicker I/O based on how hardware actually works

* Corrected flicker RAM size

* Hooked up flicker playfield lamp outputs - this really needs PWM

* hh_sm510: make svg lcd segments black slightly transparent instead of solid darkgray (nw)

* hh_sm510: Added background graphics to nupogodi.svg [Igor, hap]

hh_sm510: Added background graphics to gnw_dm53.svg [O.Galibert, hap]

* Merge pull request #2440 from DavidHaywood/040717

misc cchip prep + notes


* create c-chip device with correct CPU type in it and a bunch of notes (pinout etc.)

create a uPD78C11 derived CPU type for this purpose, with internal ROM map

use internal ROM map for other uPD78C10 chips as it's always present.

add missing NO_DUMP definitions to various games using C-Chips with correct size etc.

pump megablast through the device code as really all it ever does is bank the c-chip window and test the RAM.

* Fix, maybe (nw)

* XML listing enhancements

- The -listxml command will try to find and list any devices whose shortnames are specified on the command line. Any number of devices can be listed at once, and wildcards will be compared against device names as well as driver names.

- DTD output for -listxml, -listsoftware and -getsoftlist can be disabled by a new -nodtd option. It remains enabled by default.

* crystal.cpp: Minor correction to P's Attack edge connector (nw)

* retofinv.cpp: Minor correction (nw)

* retofinv.cpp: Forgot one (nw)

* retofinv.cpp: Add dipswitch locations and document edge connectors [Brian Troha]

* Merge pull request #2442 from OzFalcon/patch-1

* Include -output option in documentation

Include -output and it's available options in documentation.