Change log - January 07, 2016 - 07:52 AM


* Merge pull request #1932 from JoakimLarsson/vme

WIP: miniFORCE 2P21 chassi - advice needed

* hd63450: Fixed device to find the owner CPU if the top node doesn't have a CPU, like in the case of a VME chassi

* WIP: miniFORCE 2P21 chassi

* gba: remove deprecated direct update handler. [R. Belmont]

* Merge pull request #1937 from Bavarese/patch-25

* DEC Rainbow 100: enable Corvus hard drives

Enable Corvus hard drives (Patched CP/M 1.x only, requires DRCDUTIL.TD0 driver disk from Maslin archive). See section CORVUS HARD DISK for patch instructions. DOS 2.x and CP/M 2.2 were once supported too, but drivers appear to be lost.

* atlantis: Forgot to revert chd mod (nw)

* atlantis: Clean up driver and add info (nw)

* Cleanup of my drivers (nw)

* z80ne: kill direct update handler

* confirmed clocks with original board, fix ppking (nw)

* Merge pull request #1936 from ajrhacker/phi_fix

* phi.cpp: Fix build (nw)

dynax.cpp: Correction regarding absence of MSM5205 in mjfriday (nw)

* gladiatr.cpp: add bootleg MCU dumps to all gladiatr sets as BAD_DUMP, remove MCU simulation, update notes