Change log - March 07, 2017 - 08:20 AM


* quizwiz: added/verified book 2 (nw)

* ...and again (nw)

* more ridiculous line length elimination (nw)

* That was one ridiculously long line... (nw)

* gba (MT 6513): fixed revised copy protection handler to get the right PC [R. Belmont]

* taito_z.cpp: Fixed subtle color pen bug in Mexico GP stage for Continental Circus [Angelo Salese]

* Merge pull request #2118 from SailorSat/master

* polyplay: fixed SIO for real... (nw)

* fix VIS (nw)

* polyplay: fix compile (nw)

* popper: Dip switch defaults

* aristmk5.cpp: new sets, layouts, documentation [Heihachi_73]

* Merge pull request #2092 from SailorSat/master

vicdual: nsub gradient

* Merge branch 'master' of

* polyplay: fix device (nw)

* vicdual: simulate the gradient in nsub.

figured out how the starfield and gradient get enabled on vicdual hardware.

don't exactly know how they work yet, so I added a simulation of the gradient for nsub.

* polyplay: hook up the SIO (nw)

* pacman.cpp: added the producers of a couple of bootlegs (nw)

* New Working


Ampro Computers Little Board/186 [Carl, Al Kossow]