Change log - February 08, 2017 - 15:33 PM


* Merge pull request #2049 from JoakimLarsson/vme

* VME bus: added default bus address space and prepared for bus specific features

* osborne1nv: restore row/col portion masking (fixes horizontal scroll), update comments

* osborne1nv: scroll fix (nw)

* portaudio: minimal const-correctness

* Work around for Dunk Dream '95 sound routing issue (nw)

* New WORKING machines:


Westinghouse Test Console Serial #5 [Vas Crabb, NekoEd]

* banctec: hooked up the crtc (nw)

* clean up #includes (nw)

* make object finder arrays meet more Container/Sequence requirements (allows range-based for and many algorithms to work)

* intvkbd - mostly internal driver improvements (#2045)

WIP - commit. Not much visible progress yet, except that the screen alignment is now correct. But internally things are getting better. Rebased on top of mame0182

Changed intvkbd to use generic TMS9927 support

Modded TMS9927 to allow for driver-specific overscan areas

Aligned STIC and TMS9927 graphics properly

Added prelim support for testing intvkbd printer

Add proper documented memory addresses for tape drive

Bring in commented tape drive code from old MESS source (wip)

* New Working Clone


Speak and Help [Andrew Welburn]

Note: Sounds are inaccurate and needs some emulation attention to sound as shown in video referenced in driver.

* note (nw)