Change log - May 08, 2017 - 15:04


* sm510: add note (nw)

* basic inputs for Hashire Patrol Car, at least it boots now (nw)

* Add trailing newline to several frontend error messages (nw)

* Cleanups to src/frontend/mame/ui/slotopt.[cpp|h]

Did the following:

1. Polished up residual traces of this code's pre-C++ heritage

2. Moved completely private code to an anonymous namespace

3. Created device_slot_interface::slot_name() to wrap the pattern of taking the tag and removing the initial colon

* hh_sm510: fix small problem with jr55 svg (nw)

* kingobox.cpp: Correct & standardize rom labels between sets (nw)

* initialization order (nw)

* xbox: third step in removing the legacy pci system in favor of the new one (nw)

* seattle: Change physical memory configuration to fix crashes with wg3dh and blitz. (nw)

* pci-ide: Move default legacy address assignment from device_start to device_reset. (nw)

* new machines added as NOT_WORKING


Dragon Treasure (Rev A) (GDS-0030A) [f205v, rtw]

Dragon Treasure (Rev B) (GDS-0030B) [f205v, rtw]

* cgenie: Fixed loading roms from softlist in floppy interface

* nascom2: Moved floppy softlist to machine and fixed validation (nw)

* dragon_cass.xml: Minor corrections (nw)

* amiga: Attached orphaned software lists (nw)

* wicat: Added floppy drive and attached software list (not working).

* new machine added as NOT_WORKING


Hashire Patrol Car (J 990326 V1.000) [BillD, ShouTime, rtw, Sean Sutton, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

* New working clone


King of Boxer (Japan) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]

* new Critter Crusher clone

New Clone Added


Tatacot (JA 951128 V1.000) [BillD, ShouTime, Sean Sutton, Anonymous Donator, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

* new working clone


Jackal (bootleg, Rotary Joystick) [f205v, The Iron Goat]

* namcos11.cpp: Let's call Star Sweep (STP2/VER.A) the Asia version

Like all other "2" regions in System 11 driver. Plus there is no Japanese "Notice For use in Japan" warning.

* Revert "Overhaul to how MAME handles options (#2260)"

This reverts commit 536990e77b49ccc50ef275bfbf1018cc29c16154.



Sorry, but this change was half-baked. It breaks a lot of existing

functionality and clearly hasn't been tested in more than a tiny subset

of use cases. Please play this work back onto your own branch, and test

it before submitting another PR.

* New working software list additions


ibm5150: Arkanoid 2: Revenge of Doh, Crime Wave, Prince of Persia (5.25", v1.1) [ArcadeShadow]

* (nw) tms34010: fixed dasm of MOVB/MOVE absolute to absolute.

* videopkr: Fix cut-and-paste error; identify DAC (nw)

* New working clone


Star Sweep (Japan, STP2/VER.A) [Coolmod/Bill D]

* hh_sm510: correct ktmnt buttons (nw)

* Machines promoted to working


Top Gun (handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]

Contra (handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]

Gradius (handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]

Lone Ranger (handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]

Game & Watch: Mickey & Donald [hap, Sean Riddle, Olivier Galibert]

Game & Watch: Donkey Kong II [hap, Sean Riddle, Reinier]

Game & Watch: Boxing [hap, Sean Riddle]

* SM511: added instruction clock divider (nw)

* add Japan Dreamcast flash dump [rtw]

* new WORKING clone


Top Landing (Japan) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]

* scyclone.cpp: promoted to working status [David Haywood]

- added sound. Discrete part missing;

- added save state support.

* hp9845: debug message cleanup

* hp9845: fixed a system freeze when loading memory tester from tape

* hp9845: implemented softkeys for 45C & 45T

* hp9845: improved graphic cursors of 45C & 45T

* hp9845: text video of 45C improved

* atlantis: Driver cleanup. (nw)

* Merge pull request #2282 from RebeccaRGB/master

New working machine added: Zone 60 (Jungle Soft / Ultimate Products (HK) Ltd) [RebeccaRGB]

* New working machine added: Zone 60 (Jungle Soft / Ultimate Products (HK) Ltd)