Change log - June 08, 2017 - 16:27


* device_add_mconfig up to devices/bus/h* (nw)

* new NOT_WORKING clone


OutRun 2 Special Tours (Japan) [rtw]

* New machines marked as NOT_WORKING


Quingo Export (5.00) [Gerald (COY), Roberto Fresca]

* new not working clone


The Bounty (set 2) [caius, The Dumping Union]

* audio/williams.cpp: Handler cleanup (nw)

* saa1099: Zero writes are not errors (nw)

* EF9365 : Fix the hardware vector engine. (#2370)

This fix the ARC Squale Basic instruction and probably many others stuffs

* OK now, I think (nw)

* saa1099: Create standard write handler; substitute for bogus YM2413 in magicard (nw)

* toaplan2.cpp: Generate (and acknowledge) video interrupts within VDP

* Merge pull request #2372 from npwoods/fix_crash_when_launched_from_favorites

* Fixes a crash when returning to the front end when a system was launched from favorites

This bug could be reproduced with the following steps:

1. Put 'nes' in 'Favorites'

2. Launch 'nes'

3. Choose something from the software menu and run the emulation

4. Escape back -- CRASH

* ti99: Architectural cleanup for slot devices; constant renaming

* Use callbacks to set coin counters and coin lockouts from Taito I/O devices (nw)

This is a largish and not particularly elegant change, but those outputs aren't exactly internal.

* Merge pull request #2367 from shattered/_046d995

* New skeleton: GRiD Compass series

* Merge pull request #2368 from DavidHaywood/060617

New WORKING machine - Victory (Comsoft) [Andrew Welburn, ArcadeHacker, David Haywood]

* replace bitrotten roms with decrypted versions from the original, no doubt that's what the correct data should be, rom5 has been left and still marked as a bad dump, even if I think it's nothing to do with this game (nw)

new WORKING clones

Victory (Comsoft) (bootleg) [Josele Fernandez]

* looks like Orbitron was developed by Comsoft too, based on strings in the rom data and basic gameplay matching Victory.

* flip gfx rom loading (nw)

* the bootleg doesn't actually seem to need rom5 anymore than the parent does, but does seem to be suffering bitrot (nw)

* New WORKING machine - Victory (Comsoft) [Andrew Welburn, ArcadeHacker, David Haywood]

* taito_b.cpp: This "bypass" was made superfluous many years ago (nw)

* Add port 3 write callback for TC0220IOC and TC0510NIO (nw)

* spacegun: Yes, it's a TC0510NIO (nw)

* some more device_add_mconfig in devices/bus (nw)

* new working clone


Operation Thunderbolt (Japan, SC) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]

* jack.cpp: IRQ acking done right (nw)

* Note regarding Jokerz (nw)

* Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

* tsk tsk tsk (nw)

* dynablst, bbmanw & clones: Use 4-way joysticks (as service manuals suggest)