Change log - July 08, 2017 - 08:09


* Begin of HP80 emulation (#2448)

What works:

* HP85A machine with 16K of RAM

* Capricorn CPU works

* Keyboard works (with minor issues)

* CRT text / graphics modes work (correct speed is not emulated yet so service ROM complaints)

* BASIC is usable

What is missing (and I'll have hopefully working soon):

* HW timers

* Beeper

* Integral printer

* DC100 cassette drive

* Extension ROMs

* I/O modules (especially the HPIB interface so that we can hook up floppy drives)

* Other models in the family (e.g. HP86)

* vamphalf.cpp: Add Poosho Poosho to known F2 games verified on F-E1-16-002 hardware. (nw)

* Comment out problematic parts of internal layouts detected by build-time validation - could people who know these machines please fix them properly?

* Do substantial validation of internal layouts at build time

* fix for MSVC ostream::put takes a char & 0xff doesn't fit. (nw)

* fix for building with MSVC, it can't cope with the collision with the FUNC() macro. (nw)

* MT 06592

* hiscore.dat: Updates [Leezer]

* segas32.cpp: Another minor PCB note (nw)

* ridleofp: Minor PCB note (nw)

* taitocchip.cpp: hooked up the four 'asic ram' shared bytes/semaphores/command registers between external cpu and the c-chip, and got rid of the 'return 0x01' hack for megablast. [Lord Nightmare]

* new clone


Tetris (v341R) [Arzeno Fabrice, MetalliC]

not sure if its really clone, might be different game which uses gfx and music same as pktet346 set

* hh_tms1k: added button panel to arcmania.lay (nw)

* abc80_flop.xml: Added ABCDatastorm demo. [Genesis Project]

* New working machine added


A-One Arrange Ball/Tandy Zingo/LJN Computer Impulse [hap, Sean Riddle]