Change log - February 09, 2017 - 12:53 PM


* combatsc.cpp: fix outdated comment. (nw)

* added RGB unit testing (nw)

* Cut down on the missing PC booter list:

New working software list additions


-ibm5150.xml: Aces High, Amnesia, Boulder Dash, Bruce Lee, Earthly Delights, Executive Suite, Frederick Forsyth's The Fourth Protocol, PSI-5 Trading Company

New not working software list additions


-ibm5150.xml: Astro-Dodge, BurgerTime

* LIST command format changes (#2051)

Made format changes to the output produced by many LIST commands to better deal with maximum limits of certain items. Fixed issue with -LISTROMS output not displaying hapyfsh2 rom sizes correctly. [Tafoid]

* Converting m_p_chargen into a required_region, part 1

* another comment (nw)

* all CC0 (nw)

* Explicitly #include C++ headers for features use, see issue #2048 (nw)

* Mark Combat School trackball clones as MNW (nw)

* fix comment (nw)