Change log - February 10, 2017 - 14:39 PM


* Merge pull request #2056 from JoakimLarsson/vme

VME cleanup

* fccpu30: updated to new LOG system

* BIM 68153: fixed release irq line bug and updated LOGs

* fccpu20: updated LOGs

* 68561: improved interrupt support and LOGs messages

* Decrypt Omega program

* a bit more readable (nw)

* Remove device_config_complete from numerous devices that don't really need it (nw)

* Remove debug printf (nw)

* Amiga: Make Akiko independent from driver state

* Zorba keyboard works a lot better now

* upd7810: For future use (nw)

* Fix [MT06499]( - probelm with edge case in 68705 timer overflow interrupt

* m6805: clean up bih/bil handling

* upd7810: Replace fake I/O space with callbacks

* New not working game: Omega (Nihon System) [ShouTime, Darksoft, Anonymous Donator, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

* Merge pull request #2054 from fulivi/hp9845_dev10

* hp9845: implemented correct aspect of alpha & graphic video modes by using a layout file

* Merge pull request #2050 from shattered/_a044f00

* T11: HALT opcode jumps to fixed restart address with PSW=0340 (nw)

* naomi.cpp: redumped "Crackin' DJ Part 2" [billy16jr, Cereth, cpsystem3, MetalliC, rtw]

* ibm5150.xml: Add Bubble Bobble (nw)

* vmetal: Sound improvements

- Implement IRQ used to loop ES-8712 music (much like gcpinbal). All extant samples should be playable now.

- Reduce unreasonably high OKIM6295 volume.


Add a reset line callback for the ES-8712. This will be used to reset the MSM5205/MSM6585 when the implementation is rewritten to use those devices. For now, it's used for IRQ generation in vmetal, whose program seems to use a separate gate to prevent unwanted IRQs when the device is reset. (gcpinbal appears to do the same with a rather subtle difference.)

Removed the probably bogus and already unused auto-repeat feature from the ES-8712 device. All known games that loop samples do so by status polling or IRQs.