Change log - May 10, 2017 - 09:38


* acchi.cpp: fixed audio [k2-git]

* Override several inits unnecessary for sm590 (nw)

* Replace sm590 adx handler with override since behavior differs slightly from sm510 [Lord Nightmare, hap]

* Fix sm5xx cpu header guard defines to not use a leading underscore, per compiler rules (nw)

* Fix off-by-one error for rom size in SM590 core (nw)

* ppu2c0x & vsnes privatize variables (nw)

* Forgot one TODO (nw)

* seibucop.cpp: Fixed Legionnaire / Heated Barrel scenery walking bug (a different 138e is used) [Angelo Salese]

(out of whatsnew: pending promotion to working for both)

* Fix reported double brackets for XML Validation in gba_ereader.xml (nw)

* tx1.cpp: Hardware note (nw)

* DERIVED_CLOCK now updates in response to clock changes, and changed CoCo to use this mechanism (#2140)

* [CoCo] Changed the 6883 SAM implementation to control the root_machine clock, and changed CoCo devices to use DERIVED_CLOCK

* Refactoring/cleanup to state load/save handling

- Changed running_machine::schedule_[load|save]() to take 'std::string &&' instead of 'const char*'

- Changed running_machine::saveload_schedule to be 'enum class'

* Improve Critter Crusher / Tatacot Gun Control

* Changed 'int ignore_warnings' parameter on core_options::parse_ini_file() to be 'bool ignore_unknown_options'

* rip out unnecessary stuff (nw)

* bonusch: Correct CPU clock; add undumped MCU (nw)

* sm510d: get rid of half-broken param fetch (nw)

* change yovan credit on request (nw)

* comment/eof fixes (nw)

* Add preliminary Sharp SM590 CPU core [Lord Nightmare, hap]

* gt64xxx: Cap memory space mapping to physical memory bounds. (nw)

seattle: Reduce seattle board to 8 MB ram. (nw)

* mame.lst: fix compile (nw)

* New not working machine


A-Plan [Guru]

* tcl.cpp: better decode of "gfx2" region, borrowed from goldstar.cpp (nw)

* a couple timer_set removed (nw)