Change log - July 10, 2017 - 09:06


* esqpanel.cpp: fixed validation (nw)

* interpro: serial dma [P. Mackinlay]

* interpro: serial dma

* implemented basic serial dma

* switch to ncr53c94

* initial ethernet preparation

* timer-based dma

* oops (nw)

* mrdo: Load protection PAL data (not used at the moment)

* missing thing in if condition (nw)

* gladiatr: Hook up SSRST according to badly scanned schematics (nw)

* (nw) Housekeeping.

* Merge pull request #2455 from pmackinlay/ncr5390

ncr5390: tcounter and dma/drq changes

* ncr5390: improve tcounter, dma/drq handling

* nscsi_hd: correction for INQUIRY with bad lun (nw)

* Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

* oops

* z80scc: renamed WRDY to WREQ to match datasheet, minor touch-up

* z80scc: basic wait/dma request implementation

* Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

* inherit memory map

* match updated 5390 device

* improved initiator transfer information logic

* split transfer count/counter

* added rudimentary 53c90a/53c94 support

* reworked initiator transfer information state machine: should now support all scsi phases

* improved handling of dma/non-dma commands

* added an undocumented hack to make InterPro work

* Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

* Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

* mc14411: Attempted fix for timing regression (nw)

Obviously, the cycle time has to be divided by two, not multiplied by two. The divider isn't necessarily an even number, though.

* compc: move commodore pcs to own file and get them booting (nw)

* improve arrball.lay (nw)

* (nw) Fixed typo in pc10iii rom name.

* magmax: Soundlatch modernization & various stuff from schematics (nw)

* New machines marked NOT_WORKING



* gunfront: Correct "Upright Controls" DIP switch - OFF is Single, and should not be the default

* freekick.cpp: Forgot to change this back (nw)

* freekick.cpp: Correct coin counter polarity; name config structures more consistently (nw)

* gocowboy: Not the problem now (nw)

* fix broken build (all compilers). (nw)

* freekick.cpp: Set default values for unknown dipswitches to "Off" (nw)

* freekick.cpp: minor updates to dipswithes for Omega (nw)

* freekick.cpp: Dumped the color proms for Omega by Nihon System correcting the colors. [ShouTime]

* no reason to prefer inline assembly over MSVC _BitScanReverse intrinsic on x86 (nw)

* colt: Fix colors

* sigmab98.cpp: Load all roms for Go Go Cowboy, now it needs correction driver init with rombanks etc... (nw)

* clean up inlines (nw)

* mc14411: Partial rewrite (nw)

- Streamline divider calculation

- Rewrite comments (less copying from the datasheet)

- Implement device_clock_changed and use clocks_to_attotime

- Add timer_enable method for future use


* Go Go Cowboy [Brian Troha, Ryan Holtz]

The PCB comes with a cartridge that should contain two Flash ROMs. These need to be dumped.

* Merge pull request #2452 from JoakimLarsson/fccpu1_3

New device: MC14411 Bit Rate Generator

* mc14411: code reduction

* fccpu1: Updated LOG system and replaced CLOCK_SIGNAL_HANDLER with a real MC14411 BRG device

* mc14411: NEW DEVICE Motorola MC14411 Bit Rate Generator

* Added default nvram to mmaze (nw)

* ninjaw.cpp: Spelling (nw)

* new clone added - The Ninja Warriors

New Clone Added


The Ninja Warriors (World, earlier version) [Irongiant, The Dumping Union]

* megadpkr: Further improvements and cleanups (nw)

- Merge driver with goldnpkr.cpp source to get working sound (graphics and sound should be identical)

- Add version numbers to set names

- Promote megadpkrb to WORKING (with one caveat)

* Merge pull request #2450 from rfka01/master

Added available Commodore PC10-III ROM dumps

* Added the original PC 10 / PC 20 / PC 30 in two BIOS variants ... Complains about 'Timer2 control function failed', keyboard not working

* Added available Commodore PC10-III ROM dumps

* chihiro.cpp: add Quest of D Firmware Update DVD dump [ShouTime]

* never hurts to srcclean (nw)

* fix clang build (nw)

* megadpkr: Hook up 68705P5 MCU, figure out banking, add timekeeper RAM and inputs, parent set (but not clone) is now WORKING

* New working clones added


Fidelity Excel 68000 Mach II (rev. C+) [CB-Emu]

Fidelity Excel 68000 Mach III [CB-Emu]

* (nw) notes, coverity complaints, INTELLEC 4/MOD 4 layout, detect duplicate bounds/color in layouts

* work around python version differences (nw)

* those duplicates were really duplicates, no differences (nw)