Change log - April 11, 2017 - 10:15 AM


* cxd1095: Implement reset behavior (nw)

* cyclwarr, bigfight: Read inputs through CXD1095 device

* mtouchxl: added preliminary 1-wiret iButton hookup. (nw)

* Use a port finder, duh (nw)

* mtouchxl: default cmos settings (nw)

* segaxbd.cpp: Rewrite CXD1095 as a device and also add it to megatech.cpp

* mtouchxl: hooked up NVRAM and Flash devices (nw)

* beathead: removed speedup hack (nw)

* peplus.cpp: Spelling (nw)

* peplus.cpp: Patriot Poker has multiple Bonus levels (nw)

* peplus.cpp: Minor clarification (nw)

* peplus.cpp: Documentation updates based on printed IGT materials (nw)

* New working machine added


Fidelity Sensory Chess Challenger 8 [hap, yovan]

* srallyc: Hook up 315-5296 I/O on drive board (does nothing yet) (nw)

* fidelz80: WIP skeleton driver for Sensory chess challenger 8 (nw)

* i386: add a cpuid supporting 486 (nw)

* pet_rom.xml: Added KeyChip. [Andy Grady]

* cdrom: translate from 2336 to 2048 (nw)

* hh_ucom4: add note (nw)

* segajw.cpp: Use 315-5296 for I/O

* segaybd.cpp: Read inputs through 315-5296

* asuka.cpp, rabbit.cpp: removed anonymous timers (nw)

* flyball.cpp, gaplus.cpp, gcpinbal.cpp: removed anonymous timers (nw)

* new not working clone


Rocky (French speech) [PinMAME]

* mtouchxl: cd is detected but t10mmc just spams "CD read error" to the log (nw)