Change log - May 11, 2017 - 07:48


* New working clones:

* Ojanko Club (Japan, set 2) [unknown]

* Revert "taito_f3: added hacks to work around graphical issues [dink]"

This patch was evidently poorly tested and broke title screens of things it was supposed to improve.

This reverts commit e103368214bf619ea6806247c29bf15c8682447b.

* daytona: Add feedback driver board (including ROM)

* Copy longname, manufacturer, year, filetype, etc. for image info in all softlisted cases

* selsoft.cpp: Stylistic consistency (nw)

* Fix bug that permanently disabled some UI search strings when they were cleared

(nw) This adopts std::string::clear() and empty() consistently, rather than storing and checking for NUL as with C-style buffers. This fixes issue #2295 and probably other unreported bugs afflicting UI search text input.

* segas32.cpp: Minor documentation update (nw)

* new clone added


Space Wipeout [Andy Welburn]

* metro.cpp: fixed lastfortg regression caused by timer_set removal (nw)

* some timer_pulse removal (nw)

* acchi.cpp: corrected game title and renamed driver patapata.cpp (nw)

* update edit docs link (nw)

* (nw) Fixed validation warning.

* taito_f3: added hacks to work around graphical issues [dink]

(nw) removed author/date comments - git blame can be use to track content