Change log - April 12, 2017 - 10:11 AM


* (nw) Hopefully fixed arcade-only build.

* Thanks coverity (nw)

* Move "optional" basemem and extmem arrays out of tilemap_t (nw)

This is intended as a first step towards divorcing tilemap_t and tilemap_device.

* Left-over (nw)

* crospuzl belongs to crystal.cpp (nw)

* Workaround for finlarch/sasissu/magzun ODD bit regression. (nw)

* Minor port fix (nw)

* Fixed Gun Card logic in Double Dealer [Angelo Salese]

* rchase2: Load user1 ROMs closer together to avert read from undefined data at 02600000 that drives CPU off rails in debug build (nw)

This might not be the correct loading method, but it's at least similar to vf2 and bel (which, like rchase2, have 2MB rather than 4MB ROMs). It's a non-working driver in any case.

* hh_sm510: boxing boots, but still very glitchy (nw)

* New NOT_WORKING machine added


Game & Watch: Boxing [hap, Sean Riddle]

* hh_sm510: added svg layout to the konamis, but no backdrop (nw)

* amiga.cpp: killed anonymous timer, hooked amigaaga_flop software list to the a1200 driver (nw)

* sprint4.cpp, ultratnk.cpp: killed anonymous timers, removed unneeded prefixes, added save state support (nw)

* Added two new pinball sets [PinMAME]

* rchase2: Add I/O CPU and expander (nw)

There seems to have been an unrelated regression since 0.181 in rchase2, which now only displays a black screen.

* No longer used (nw)

* megaplay.cpp: Use CXD1095 device for BIOS I/O

* segam1.cpp: Add 315-5296 and some placeholder RAM areas (nw)