Change log - May 12, 2017 - 08:12


* Irem Audio: Got rid of gen_latch usage; fixed missing d7 on sound latch; fixed device_reset to correctly clear sound latch; fixed a potential situation where sound cpu /IRQ could be incorrectly cleared [Lord Nightmare]

* Revert "Bug fix to -romident and aux verb cleanup (#2288)"

This reverts commit 78bf804192f38d69fc9299dc7da724fb6a537f94.

* This is the correct MSM6253 hookup for various Sega Model N boards (nw)

* one more (nw)

* epos.cpp: Spelling corrections (nw)

* epos.cpp: Id'ed correct hardward (PCB) name for earlier games (nw)

* epos.cpp: Information update (nw)

* epos.cpp: Correct clocks and rom labels (nw)

Correct the TRISTAR 9000 clocks

Correct rom labels

combined, refined and expanded readmes for both Revenger sets

* New clones added as GAME_NOT_WORKING

Special Forces Elite Training (v01.02.00) [ShouTime, R. Belmont, The Dumping Union]

* Note updates (nw)

* epos.cpp: added flip screen support [Angelo Sslese]

* i/o 0x38 is actually 8910 read (nw)

* Fix The Dealer inputs (nw)

* epos.cpp: added backup RAM to dealer, revngr84 and beastf [Angelo Salese]

* new WORKING game


Revenger '84 [Andrew Welburn, Craig Anstett, Angelo Salese]

epos.cpp: fixed RAM based colors for The Dealer, Revenger '84 and Beastie Feastie [Angelo Salese]

* Bug fix to -romident and aux verb cleanup (#2288)

* Bug fix to -romident and aux verb cleanup

Made the following changes:

1. Fixed a bug where resolved slot/image options would choke -romident (reproducible in MAME 0.185 with 'mame64 -romident')

2. 'mame64 -romident' no longer crashes (though it doesn't do anything useful)

3. Changed the aux verb functions to take 'const std::string &'

* Further cleanups to auxillary verb code, as per Vas


1. The commands themselves now take 'const std::vector &' for their argument lists

2. util::core_options now collects command arguments into a separate vector rather than treating them as unadorned arguments

* Vas Crabb feedback

* Now only using trim_spaces_and_quotes() when parsing INIs

Vas pointed out that it is inappropriate to trim spaces and quotes when parsing command line options

* Improvements to romcmp

- Identify plain ASCII text files as such

- If a ROM has the same data in each half, print the hashes for that

- Avoid buffer overruns

- For calculating address masks, don't assume file size to be a power of 2

* hh_hmcs40: add note about bultrman bug cause (nw)

* Merge pull request #2292 from mark-riley/mcpx_fix

xbox: Replaced the MCPX 1.0 checksums with correct checksums.

* Replaced the checksums with correct checksums.

The MCPX 1.0 ROM had the wrong checksums. The checksums included were from a known bad copy of the ROM.

* ojankhos.cpp: added program rom version to the description, where available (nw)

* model2.cpp: correct clock for the recently added force feedback cpu, as per Guru's readme at line 103 (nw)