Change log - July 12, 2017 - 07:55


* INTELLEC 4: implement front-panel PROM programmer

* fix upd7801 & upd78c05 internal ram size & removed ram from memory maps. (nw)

Fixes fp1100 regression in:

SHA-1: 907115ed06c57c22fe4df154a68e07f73d9578f6

* create c-chip device with correct CPU type in it and a bunch of notes (pinout etc.)

create a uPD78C11 derived CPU type for this purpose, with internal ROM map

use internal ROM map for other uPD78C10 chips as it's always present.

add missing NO_DUMP definitions to various games using C-Chips with correct size etc.

pump megablast through the device code as really all it ever does is bank the c-chip window and test the RAM.

* starwars: Forgot to remove these prototypes (nw)

* plugins/cheat: add ui support for joystick hotkeys [Carl]

* targeth.cpp update [Brian Troha]

Added PCB layout

Base CPU clocks on actual OSC/Resonator

Corrected OKI clock

Corrected program rom labels for Target Hits v1.1

* wrally.cpp: Added World Rally PCB layout. [Brian Troha]

* Fix Fighting Golf full name (nw)

* cvs.cpp: kludged a protection check in Superbike that was resetting the machine under certain conditions [Angelo Salese]

(Also demoted to MACHINE_UNEMULATED_PROTECTION since game can lock indefinitely under a specific case scenario)

* Left-over since forever, Kold verified it and there's no issue with colors (nw)

* Map Bongo jump as a button and not as up direction (nw)

* new not working clone


Tazz-Mania (Rodmar bootleg) [Arcade Hacker, The Dumping Union]

* pse.cpp: small documentation update (nw)