Change log - January 13, 2016 - 08:30 AM


* Merge pull request #1965 from JoakimLarsson/fixbim

changed include order to avoid warnings on some platforms

* changed include order to avoid warnings on some platforms

* arkanoid.cpp: Fix watchdog to match pcb tracing, update some comments. [Lord Nightmare]

* Notes (nw)

* arkanoid: confirm MCU reset also resets semaphore flags [Lord Nightmare, Vas Crabb]

* arkanoid bootlegs use P3 MCUs, remove crud from puzznic bootleg (nw)

* arkanoid: convert 68705 interface to device, re-use same device for puzznic, eliminate puzznic protection hacks

* fix copy/paste error - region size was right, load size was wrong (nw)

* Merge pull request #1959 from intealls/pa_oct16

PortAudio library update and backend

* Initial PortAudio backend with build script changes to support library version 20161030

* Patch PortAudio to fix MinGW compilation

* Update PortAudio to version 20161030

* Merge pull request #1963 from ajrhacker/wms_dac

* More DAC identification and sound stuff

- Identify DACs used in most Midway and Williams games

- Zektor uses a AY-3-8912, not 8910

- Correct name of Turbo Cheap Squeak board (cf. 0295ac745db8b8aff40ce269b4a189e36e79cd82)

- Hyphenate title of F-14 Tomcat

* hh_tms1k: added ginv1000 skeleton, no display yet (nw)

* Verified that Plump Pop uses the same M-Chip as extermination and Dr. Toppel. Added and corrected labels, locations and chip types for several ROMs/PROMs as well as updated notes, based on PCB pictures. [ShouTime]

* New working machines added


Conic Electronic Basktetball [hap, Sean Riddle]

* Fix seldom used conditional build options.

- Fixed OPENMP compile

For congo bongo, using Solver.PARALLEL=1 significantly increases

performance from 270% to 380%. However, this has to be taken

with a grain of salt. Enabling this on predominantly logic netlists

can severly kill performance.

- Increased readability of timed queue code.

* Improve readability and remove some trampolines. (nw)

* Fix timing issue in CD4538. Add "pow" (power) to the function model.

Minor documentation updates. Slight improvement of gorilla sound. (nw)

* - setup_t is owned by netlist_t. Stop being complicated.

- Remove gnd() method.

- Further simplification.

- Fix potential reset and initialization issues. (nw)

* fix arcade build (n/w)

* Merge pull request #1961 from SailorSat/master

polyplay: add newer ZRE-PP based polyplay hardware and czech rom

* polyplay: less talking, more documentation (nw)

* Merge branch 'master' of

* polyplay: added newer ZRE-PP based polyplay version

- documented differences in hardware

- added newer ZRE-PP board (SIO not yet hooked up)

- added a check export version with the new menu

- fixed undocumented Z80 CTC 'on-the-fly' mode switch; internal timer didn't stop.

* Merge pull request #1956 from JoakimLarsson/vme_2

New Device: BIM 68153 + updated fccpu20, fcisio, 68230, miniforce

* fixed BIM template syntax and another PIT LOG macro

* Added PIT and BIM devices and IRQ handling (nw)

* Improved LOG system

* Added address map info and feature list for three models

* Added BIM device (nw)

* New device: BIM 68153

* novag6502: machine config for 5/6mhz cpu freq (nw)

* Machines promoted to working


Novag Super Expert (several versions) [hap, Berger]

Novag Super Forte (several versions) [hap, Berger]

* novag6502: added internal artwork for sforte/sexpert, no button panel yet (nw)

* Merge pull request #1960 from JoakimLarsson/scc_cleanup

improved LOG printouts

* improved LOG printouts

* thayers: Fixed COP divisor. (nw)

* taito_l: split giant state class up into family tree, reduce tagmap lookups

* Merge pull request #1954 from ajrhacker/msm5205_change_clock

MSM5205 architectural cleanups (nw)

* Use s32 instead of int32_t for consistency (nw)

* MSM5205 architectural cleanups (nw)

- Implement device_clock_changed instead of using custom handler

- Add proper write handlers for S1 and S2 lines and store their state internally

* Merge pull request #1955 from ajrhacker/requirement

* Make "requirement" field in softlists actually work (MT 6464)

(nw) MAME's architecture for software loading remains gruesomely overcomplicated, and this makes it even less efficient than it already was. However, I think more invasive cleanups would best be left until later.

* Merge pull request #1958 from ajrhacker/terraf_rygar_sound

Legion and Rygar have YM3526 instead of YM3812 (other Nichibutsu game…

* Legion and Rygar have YM3526 instead of YM3812 (other Nichibutsu games to be checked)

Document DACs for Legion and Terra Force/Big Fighter (nw)

* advision: Fixed CPU clock. Turtles music is now melodic. [Curt Coder]