Change log - February 14, 2017 - 12:46 PM


* zx81: changed default ramsize to 16K

* z88_cart: New WORKING software list

* z88: fixed expanded video addressing in RAM carts

* Basic inputs for Funky Ball (nw)


* segas16b.cpp: improved inputs for Excite League / Super League [Angelo Salese]

* (nw) A few more m_p_chargen found and converted.

* build fix (nw)

* konmedal: use PROM palette (see F4 gfx viewer), more work on VROM readback. (nw)

* (nw) Finished converting m_p_chargen to required region, and associated cleanups.

* konmedal: better screen display, ROM banking, start VROM readback [R. Belmont]

* midwunit.cpp: Add in rom dates as per alt PCB rom labels for Open Ice - NW

* konmedal: readable gfx decode (nw)

* One little bit (nw)

* New games added as GAME_NOT_WORKING


Unknown Konami Medal Game [Alex Cmaylo, The Dumping Union, R. Belmont]

* more notes (n/w)

* verified via tracing (n/w)

* New working machine added


Lakeside Le Boom [hap, Kevin Horton]

* plugins/data: check the rest of the paths too (nw)

* dsk_dsk format: propagate CRC error flags

* New not working machine


The King of Fighters XII (v1.00) [Niko]

* typo fixes (n/w)

* arkanoid.cpp: add detailed memory map and proper mirroring of various memory mapped areas. Documented and mapped the joystick ports which, while present and fully functional on the pcb, are unused by the game code. [Lord Nightmare]

* aim65: remap DEL so it isn't on the same key as PRINT by default (nw)

* rm double (nw)

* pic16c5x: added alias for RTCC pin (nw)

* hh_pic16: update notes (nw)

* pic16c5x: changed rtcc pin to inputline (nw)

* New working machine added


Atari Touch Me [hap, Sean Riddle]

* tiny cleanup

* Start adding save state support to nltool.

Save states are needed for regression tests going forward. (nw)

* Add standalone VC2015 build file in src/lib/netlist/build

This was the last platform without standalone compile. Sure needs more attention, grateful for any help. (nw)

* Remove duplicate save states / Save state simplification. (nw)

* Separate custom save states. (nw)

* Optimize queue save state. (nw)

* New working software list additions


ibm5150.xml: 688 Attack Sub (5.25"), Cartooners, Cartooners in Space, Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula (Alt), Zany Golf [Octocontrabass]

* ibm5150.xml, ibm5170.xml: Misc additions (nw)

* PIC16C5x updates [hap]

- Added basic support for the old GI PIC1650 and PIC1655.

- Made RTCC(aka T0CKI) pin a writeline handler.

* added PIC1650 device (nw)

* Merge pull request #2058 from sparrowred/master

* added sharedfeat requirements to n64dd.xml and saturn.xml (nw)

* oops (nw)

* New working clone added


Momoko 120% (bootleg) [Paul Hogger]]

* dl1416: even better signal level behaviour (/CE, A0 and A1 latched on falling edge of /WR)

aim65: add logging for PIA writes (nw)

sticomtmr: don't get stuck if user holds shutter button while changing machine config (nw)

* sitcom: softlist remaining projects, emulate camera shutter speed measurement rig, standardise on DOS line endings in Intel HEX

* cleanup headers of not used friend classes (nw)

* freekick.cpp: Fixed sprite rom load order in omega, sprite colors are now correct to real machine screenshots. Made input ports derived from gigas rather than fully redefining everything. Add comments about Gigas MarkII. [Lord Nightmare]

* galgames.cpp: Spelling fix - NW

* x68k: clear raster irq if line is changed, fixes chasehq (nw)

* hh_pic16: atari touch me senpai WIP (nw)

* kill a tag lookup (n/w)

* pic16c5x: added RTCC pin (not called T0, plus it was implemented in reverse) (nw)

* removed unused MCFG_PIC16C5x_T0_CB callbacks (nw)

* hh_pic16: lakeside leboom WIP (nw)

* namcos22: revert timecris byteswapped rom (this was done a few months ago) (nw)

* Machine promoted to working


Ideal Maniac [hap, Sean Riddle, Kevin Horton]

* Merge pull request #2055 from superctr/c352_update

more C352 improvements

* use word swap macro instead of byteswapped roms

(but i really think the dumps should be checked again)

* byteswap samples for adillor and primglex

* C352: implement volume ramping, rewrite mulaw algorithm

- implement volume ramping behavior and confirmed with recording of real hardware (Tekken 3)

- rewrote mulaw algorithm. This is not quite perfect yet but is closer to recordings and sounds a bit clearer (example: Time Crisis)

* Merge pull request #2057 from trap15/pgm2-work arm7/pgm2 improvements

* PGM2 driver work

* Further fixes for ARM

* ARMv5 additions to ARM7

* Cleanup, we already have NOMINMAX now in scripts (nw)

* Fix OS X build (nw)

* fix windows compile (nw)

* Remove emu.h from headers (nw)

Per Vas' request. If the compile fails for you (i'm thinking osx and

windows native debuggers here in particular), add '#include "emu.h"'

as first include of the cpp files that fail.

Due to our use of precompilation and forced inclusion, emu.h must be

included as the very first non-comment thing we do if we want to be

sure msvc compiles are identical to gcc/clang ones. Doing it directly

instead of through an include increases the correctness probability by a magnitude.

* sitcom: softlist a few more demos, reverse order of year/publisher

* improve funjacks.lay a bit (nw)