Change log - April 14, 2017 - 16:30 AM


* xtal.h: Correction and addition (nw)

* i386: oopsy (nw)

* Merge pull request #2221 from npwoods/validation_has_own_options

* Changed the validity checks to have its own emu_options

This comes from a regression reported by Tafoid whereby the following command line:

mame coco wildcat

Would report the following error (which was not really fatal because it happened within validation):

Driver t4426 (file coco12.cpp): 1 errors, 0 warnings


Fatal error Unknown slot option 'pak' in slot 'ext'

My changes to option processing changed emu_options to put image and slot options in their own arrays, and I expect those image/slot options to be pertinent to the active driver. However, driver validation was passing the emu_options associated with the main emulation to validation specific maching_config for other drivers. This changes validate_one() to always use a fresh emu_options with each individual validation.

* Merge pull request #2223 from npwoods/get_default_card_software

* Changes to make get_default_card_software() less stupid

The goals with this change is to make get_default_card_software() a bit more standalone by making it a const method that does not mutate the state of the device_image_interface. This is done by passing in a small structure that encapsulates the minimum of information that get_default_card_software() needs.

This also eliminates the need for device_image_interface::open_image_file()

I agree with Sarayan that get_default_card_software() is terrible and needs to ultimately go away. This is a small step in that direction.

Lastly, I don't care for the name of get_default_card_software_hook (or get_default_card_software() for that matter). If anybody has better ideas, let me know.

* Redumped Knights of Valour 3 HD (V105) [Peter Wilhelmsen, The Dumping Union]

* small batch of anonymous timers removal (nw)

* apple1: fixed bug introduced when the cassette was slotified. [Colin Douglas Howell, R. Belmont]

* mtouchxl: title screen get (nw)

* New clones added as GAME_NOT_WORKING:

MegaTouch XL 5000 (Version R5B)

MegaTouch XL 5000 (Version R5E)

MegaTouch XL 6000 (Version r07)

* vlc.cpp: make it to show something (nw)

* Notes (nw)

* viper.cpp: inverted flip dip (nw)

* viper.cpp: tsurugi foot input (nw)

* viper.cpp: identified dip-switch position, fix ppp2nd dip-sw error (nw)

* naomi.cpp: mushik2e appeared 3in1 Mushiking II, III and III+

* viper.cpp: input cleanups (nw)

* Konami Viper: Metadata housekeeping (nw)

* novag68k: savestate flag was missing (nw)

* abc80: Removed bogus DIP switches and downgraded sound status. (nw)

* more anonymous timers work (nw)

* segaybd.cpp: Watchdog type is MB3773 (nw)

* segaxbd.cpp: Watchdog type is MB3773 (nw)

* mtouchxl: update default cmos (nw)

* New clones added as GAME_NOT_WORKING:

MegaTouch XL Gold (Version r00)

Also more work clarifying the various versions, thanks to Merit documentation.