Change log - June 14, 2017 - 08:55


* i8255: added tristate outputs, please replace any driver workarounds (nw)

* New working clone


Tehkan World Cup (set 4, earlier?) [Purity, The Dumping Union]

* cop01.cpp: improved Mighty Guy sound [Angelo Salese]

* tail2nos: Soundlatch modernization (nw)

* balsente.cpp: Minor doc update (nw)

* terracre.cpp: actual hookup for protection data and fixed potential buffer overflow [Angelo Salese]

* another fifty device_mconfig_additions out of the way (nw)

* new Macross II clone added

New Clone Added


Macross II (Korea) [CoolMod, CS, The Dumping Union]

* Added notes about Mighty Guy sound "protection" (nw)

* suprloco: Replace soundlatch with 8255 device that runs in mode 2

* subsino.cpp: Use 8255 devices (most of which are only used for input)

* Clean-ups and notes updates, added system inputs (nw)

* bpoker: First attempt at proper configuration (nw)

* actfancr: Use callback for soundlatch interrupt (nw)

* aerofgt.cpp: Use MCFG_GENERIC_LATCH_SEPARATE_ACKNOWLEDGE for all except bootlegs which need more research (nw)

* polepos2bi, polepos2bs: Use MCFG_GENERIC_LATCH_SEPARATE_ACKNOWLEDGE (nw)

* Fix build (nw)

* gen_latch: Allow device to be configured for acknowledgement to occur separately from data reads; use this for batrider (nw)

* plugins/cheat: oops (nw)

* plugins/cheat: nes, snes, genesis game genie support [Carl]

* Fix half-assed logging spam. (nw)

* device_add_mconfig up to devices/bus/q* (nw)

* No way this will work on the bootleg (nw)

* bubsymphb: Unbreak this (nw)