Change log - December 14, 2016 - 09:17 AM


* tnzs.cpp: where O where is that missing O - spelling - NW

* tnzs.cpp: Correct labels for Proto version of TNZS - NW

* Merge pull request #1826 from anikom15/hlsl

Make phosphor persistence independent of frame rate

* Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/mamedev/master' into hlsl

* Simplify implementation of delta_time.

src/osd/modules/render/d3d/d3dhlsl.cpp: Move time members calculation to shaders::begin_draw.

src/osd/modules/render/d3d/d3dhlsl.h: Remove update_t.

* Correct comments regarding delta_time.

* Add signal so that any future shaders relying on delta_time do not interfere with each other.

src/osd/modules/render/d3d/d3dhlsl.cpp: update_t flag is reset for each emulated screen 0.

src/ods/modules/render/d3d/d3dhlsl.h: Add update_t.

* Fix phosphor shader to work properly for multi-screen games and multi-window use.

hlsl/phosphor.fx: Update semantics.

src/osd/modules/render/d3d/d3dhlsl.cpp: Implement shaders::delta_time member function.

src/osd/modules/render/d3d/d3dhlsl.h: Add acc_t and delta_t members for use by shaders::delta_time. Member function returns the amount of time since itself has been called, for use by time-dependent shaders.

* Remove iostream (used for debugging)

* Fix phosphor persistence shader behavior based on time.

hlsl/phosphor.fx: Add calculation time passed to be used by shader.

src/osd/modules/render/d3d/d3dhlsl.cpp: Make pixel shader calculate the current pixel by factoring in the amount of time which has passed since the last rendering.

* Merge pull request #1834 from Bavarese/patch-22

DEC Rainbow 100 : implement NMI for parity test / fix aspect ratio

* Implemented NMI for parity test / fix aspect ratio

Parity test on memory board uses NMI now. Fixes the 1st memory test on rx50diag.td0 as well as the 'long' BIOS self test (key 'S'). Wrong aspect ratios in graphics mode also corrected (requires 'Graphics Only' + suitable cmd. line parameters).

* Merge pull request #1835 from ajrhacker/secretab_music

secretab: Incremental sound improvements

* Add PCB locations to ROM names

* secretab: Incremental sound improvements

- Replace one YM2203 with a YM3812

- Add extra samples ROM to banked sound CPU region

- Hook up sound latch, enabling music and sound effects (still very imperfect)

- A little more PCB documentation

* New systems added as MACHINE_NOT_WORKING

- Ensoniq SQ-2 [R. Belmont, Guru]

* fromance.cpp: added visible horizontal parameter to CRTC [Angelo Salese]

* Fix name to a better guess for mcu name for plump pop, and marked as bad pending verification that it is the same mcu which drtoppel and extermination use. [Lord Nightmare]

* fromance.cpp: fixed OL gal display for nekkyoku [Angelo Salese]

* xbox: rename file video/chihiro.cpp to xbox_nv2a.cpp (nw)

* chihiro.cpp: enable clipping of vertices where w is negative (nw)

* UWP: Add temporary signing key for MSBUILD support (nw)

* Merge pull request #1833 from ajrhacker/secretabc

* secretab: Don't apply H6280 decryption to sound Z80 (nw)

* Merge pull request #1830 from npwoods/imgtool_dir_formatting_fix

* [Imgtool] Cleaned up the output of the 'dir' command

* Merge pull request #1829 from npwoods/imgtool_dir_bug_fix

* [Imgtool] Fixed a recently introduced error in the 'dir' command line command