Change log - February 15, 2017 - 16:03 PM


* New working software list additions


atom_flop: added conversion of Manic Miner

bbcb_flop: added Sherston titles and Byte the Apple music demos

* New working software list additions


aim65_cart.xml: AIM 65/PC100 Extended BASIC v2.1 & v2.3, AIM 65 Instant Pascal v1.0

* aim65: add 16K PROM/ROM module, 4 extra sockets required for Instant Pascal

* allow softlist software parts to use different interfaces:

- imgcntrl: don't assume first software part, find part with correct interface

- swlist: check all software parts for matching interface when populating list of software lists

- softlist_dev: check all software parts when finding approx matches

* konmedal: passes POST. now the real fun. (nw)

* hh_pic16: tiger basketball WIP (nw)

* Added state saving and loading to nltool.

First step towards regression and unit tests. (nw)

* Move inline constructors from header to cpp. (nw)

* New working machine added


Tiger Rocket Pinball [hap, Sean Riddle]

* hh_pic16: rocket pinball skeleton driver (nw)

* New Gamate software: Fortune 'n Luck [Peter Wilhemsen]

* srmp2.cpp: added dip switch settings for rmgoldyh (MT05599) [kamilz]

* mainsnk.cpp: fixed flip screen for canvas (nw)

* New working machine added


GAF Melody Madness [hap, Kevin Horton]