Change log - March 15, 2017 - 09:52 AM


* segas32.cpp: add Air Rescue's uPD7725 DSP and load its roms. Disabled for now, since the uPD7725 cpu core will need some features added before this can work. [Lord Nightmare]

* ibm5170.xml: Let's document the situation at least (nw)

* Merge pull request #2138 from shattered/_47be08c

* eurocom2, waveterm: new skeleton drivers (Eltec EurocomII SBC, PPG Waveterm A)

* Merge pull request #2134 from tlindner/ay8910-change-frequency

Allow clock frequency changes in ay8910.

* Added virtual keyword to declaration.

* Overrided device device method to support changing clock frequencies in the ay8910.

* Merge pull request #2141 from einstein95/mz2500

* mz2500: Add HELP key (fix MT#06337)

* Merge pull request #2143 from shattered/_c58e526

* dec_lk201: add PORT_CHAR/PORT_CODE where missing

* Merge pull request #2144 from darkstar/ibm-softlist

* ibm5170 softlist: replace win31g floppy images with cleaned/fixed ones

* Merge pull request #2145 from Happy-yappH/master

N64 - some improvements to DRC stability

* n64 - Flush RSP drc cache when SP DMA changes IMEM

* RSP - let debugger disassembly windows track RSP PC

* n64 - Add short delay between RDP full sync and DP interrupt

Since the RDP is not currently scheduled for its own timeslices,

this will allow the RSP interrupt from graphics tasks to arrive

at the main CPU first. In some instances, the RSP timeslice

would end after the RDP had been sent the full sync command, but

before the RSP could finish its task. No issues were manifest if

both RSP and RDP interrupts arrive at the same time, but it is

still expected that the RSP interrupt should arrive first.

* potgoldu.cpp: add undumped MCU as NO_DUMP