Change log - December 15, 2016 - 11:17 AM


* Make bitmaps movable, allowing them to be used in vectors and emplaced easily.

You're still responsible for ensuring you don't move a bitmap while a texture refers to it.

* clean up some of this double paren nonsense (nw)

* tnzs.cpp: Update a slew of comments, add most missing pals as undumped, fix some rom labels, add a chart of the different Taito/Seta PCBs covered by tnzs.cpp and the differences between each. [Lord Nightmare]

* coretmpl: add an associative LRU cache with map-like behaviour

selmenu: use LRU cache so icons don't all need to be reloaded on scroll

uismall.bdf: set default character for missing glyphs


* encapsulate many BDF and BDC handling details

* make file I/O 64-bit clean, check for allocation errors

* more solid BDF parser with error messages and trace logging

* fix heap smash when building bitmaps for BDF fonts

* extend BDC format to support high planes and default character

* render default character if glyph not found for BDF/BDC

* by35.cpp: removed stray empty line introduced in previous commit (nw)

* New not working clone


Monday Night Football (2.9, 50cts) [PinMAME]

de_2.cpp: added missing sound ROM for uboat65 [PinMAME]

* Merge pull request #1837 from jmallach/catalan-l10n

* Update Catalan translation to 361t, 133u.

* Merge pull request #1836 from jmallach/spelling-fixes

* Typo fix: beeing ? being

* Do MT 04796 & 06452 a cleaner way (nw)