Change log - January 16, 2016 - 09:55 AM


* cop400: Fixed debugger behavior on skip. (nw)

* thayers: Keyboard WIP. (nw)

* m68705: re-implement timer/counter

* Support MOR-controlled mode

* Correct count direction

* Correct startup and reset states

a2bus/mouse.cpp: use new MC68705P3 core and remove obsolete glue

* the card works before and after the change, but by default axes are only mapped to inc/dec keys, not host mouse

quizpun: use new MC68705P5 core, MCU now gets timer interrupts correctly

* Merge pull request #1988 from ajrhacker/skyarmy_flip

* skyarmy: Various small improvements

- Fix screen flipping in cocktail mode

- Re-add second AY-3-8910A that generates explosion sounds; the claim as to its absence made in 2003 was probably based on less accurate AY8910 emulation and/or a stripped PCB

- Add coin counter

* Mega Bonus Star II (Euro, Millennium Edition):

Video hardware work to fix the video reels. [Roberto Fresca]

* Mega Bonus Star II (Euro, Millennium Edition):

Added GAL dump. [Team Europe]

* Mega Bonus Star II (Euro, Millennium Edition):

Added more documentation, tech notes, and M48T12 timekeeeper dump for preservation and further analysis. [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]

* Merge pull request #1979 from npwoods/imgtool_fix_attr_listing

* [Imgtool] Fixed recently introduce bug on attribute listings

* Merge pull request #1978 from npwoods/fix_coco_dmk_image_creation

* [CoCo] Fixed a recently introduced bug in DMK image creation

Also some minor cleanups

* Merge pull request #1980 from npwoods/remove_unnecessary_callback

* Removing unnecessary callback

I'm doing this in response to a compilation error on MSVC 2015. As far as I can tell, this is a bug in the compiler. My basis for asserting this is that placing the following declaration within the 'endpoint.on_open = <>' gives the same compilation error: const std::function mycallback = [](void) {};

Whereas moving that logic outside of the 'endpoint.on_open = <>' does not give an error.

Normally I don't like working around buggy compilers, but in this case the callback is supposed to be optional anyways.

* Merge pull request #1983 from intealls/pa-cc

* Fix PortAudio MinGW cross-compilation

* atvtrack.cpp NAND erase&program, game is running now (nw)

* pacman.cpp: Added readme for Number Crash [Guru]

* jollyjgr.cpp: Updated readme and correct clocks for Jolly Jogger [Guru]

* Move analog devices into "netlist::analog" namespace. Added

documentation to opamp model. (nw)

* Added more documentation to diode and bjt model. (nw)

* Introduce a more structured approach to models. (nw)

* Merge branch 'master' of

* atvtrack.cpp document IO madness (nw)

* Housekeeping (nw)

* atvtrack.cpp checkpoint (nw)

* copypaste error (nw)

* m68705: add MC68705R3 for pipeline

* ADC is stubbed out with logerror (pipeline doesn't use it at all)

* Bootstrap ROM is believed to be identical to U3 but need to confirm

vrenegade: use common Taito 68705 hookup

taitosj.cpp: use new MC68705P3 core

stfight.cpp: use new MC68705P5 core

pipeline: use new MC68705R3 core

mexico86: use new MC68705P3 core, simulate synchronous latches better

New WORKING clones:


Motorola MC68705R3 Programmer

* novag6520: added rs232 port (untested) (nw)

* Merge pull request #1975 from ajrhacker/coco_sbs_dac

* Correct Color Computer DAC type and separate single-bit sound

A few notes on Tandy 1000 joysticks (nw)

* Changed the romset name according to the real game name.

* Identified... so:

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING


Mega Bonus Star II (Euro, Millennium Edition) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]

Mega Bonus Star II: Derived machine and started a proper memory map. the game starts to show the attract. [Roberto Fresca].vv

* New machines marked as NOT_WORKING


Unknown MBG-EURO game [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]

* Merge pull request #1974 from shattered/_55d0495

minor floppy internals improvements

* formats/wd177x_dsk: allow override of build_sector_description, like nec765_dsk

* imagedev/floppy: add has_trk00 property, initially for IBM 6360 8-inch drives

* imagedev/floppy: add 'dskchg_writable' property (for Sony Microfloppy drives)

* Merge pull request #1973 from intealls/pafixes

PortAudio fixes

* fix indentation, leading spaces to tabs

* fix msvc compile

* some osd_printf_verbose calls should be to osd_printf_error

* fix memory leak and log error checking

* tabs to spaces

* taito68705interface improvements:

* remove non-obvious mcu_status_r and semaphore_r members and move to drivers (varies by system)

* slap fight functionality can be safely folded into base class so do so

* remove leftover crud from driver state classes

qix.cpp, bub68705, changela: use new MC68705P3 core

* novag6502: added barebones sexpert/sforte acia (nw)

* i8255: revert for now but revisit it later (nw)

* New working machine added


Tiger 7 in 1 Sports Stadium [hap, Sean Riddle]

* Merge pull request #1972 from npwoods/imgtool_mac_charconverter

* [Imgtool Mac] Adding support for MacRoman encoding

* Merge pull request #1970 from rzero9/patch-1

* x1_cass.xml: misc additions

* Merge pull request #1971 from ajrhacker/polepos2b_voices

* polepos.cpp: Sound improvements for bootlegs

- Working Spanish/Italian voices in polepos2bi and polepos2bs

- DAC for passing car sound in topracern, polepos2bi and polepos2bs

- These bootlegs may still be missing explosion sounds

* fidel68k: accurate irq handling (nw)

* Merge pull request #1868 from npwoods/imgtool_charconv_rewrite

[Imgtool] Rewrote charconv; now an interface rather than an enumeration

* Restyled some imgtoolerr_t typecasts

* Spacing fixv

* [Imgtool] Changing imgtool::simple_charconverter::from_utf8() to not perform an O(n) lookup whenever locating a character

* Vas Crabb feedback: Fixed Latin-1 C1 space, changed charconverter prototype to not dictate std::string and fixed invalid encoding issue

* Updated to support Unicode normalization and simple charconverters that alter the low page

* Merge branch 'master' into imgtool_charconv_rewrite

* [Imgtool] Rewrote charconv; now an interface rather than an enumeration

* maniach, maniach2: use common Taito 68705 interface device

m68705prg.cpp: clone relationships, because why not (nw)

* novag6502: sforteb1 is not Super Forte B, assume it's Constellation Forte B (nw)

* Prepare source for consistent error message usage. (nw)

* Add code to remove devices connected only to rail terminals.

* Core refactoring

- connect_late ==> connect

- register nets where they are created

* Taito 68705 interface improvements:

* Moved stuff arkanoid/puzznic have in common with other games to new abstract base class

* Got rid of the unnecessary hacks for bigevglf, it doesn't need anything special

* Moved xsleena (xain.cpp) to the common interface class

* This fixes regressions in tokio and daikaiju

(nw) started instantiating common device finders with the devices to marginally improve build/link time

* m68705: disassemble memory addresses symbolically

* tandy1t: Distinguish between models using the 90-key Tandy keyboard layout and the standard 101-key "Enhanced" AT layout. Unmap the Hold key on the 90-key layout by default to avoid freezing the emulated system when using Scroll Lock to switch UI modes. [Justin Kerk]

* New not working clones


MotorDome (German) [PinMAME]

* Merge pull request #1968 from ajrhacker/efo90503

* Identify EFO90503 and note usage; improve notes on EFO sound boards (nw)

* arkanoid, puzznic: push values on MCU port A

hotsmash, pbillian: cleanup

* bare minimum work to extricate hotsmash/pbillian from superqix_state

* use M68705P5 core instead of in-driver peripherals

* reduce tagmap lookups

* pc100: floppy reading (nw)

* Merge pull request #1966 from ajrhacker/pacndac

More DAC identification and Namco sound research (nw)

* Add DAC08 type for future reference (nw)

* More DAC identification and Namco sound research (nw)

* Gran Premio F1 (Spanish bootleg of Pole Position II):

Redumped some faulty devices (the former speech ROM has bit6 fixed), plus added proper bipolar PROMs dumps. [Arcade Hacker, Rockman, Roberto Fresca]

* m68705: save EPROM contents using NVRAM mechanism

m68705prg: move stuff that doesn't need to be templated to base class, de-duplicate machine configuration

* novag6502: added sforte/sexpert buttonpanel to internal layout (nw)

* non-arkanoid games lack muxed analog inputs (nw)

* shuffle taito_l family tree, should fix missing device errors (nw)

* floppy: Added TODO comments; revert stp_w ignore on spin-up until further evidence

* novag6502: added another sfortea set dumped by berger (nw)

* New working machine added


Gakken Galaxy Invader 1000/Tandy Cosmic 1000 Fire Away [hap, Sean Riddle, Kevin Horton]

* Merge branch 'master' of

* finished cnbaskb internal layout (nw)

* Added ANALOG_256_MODE f/f readback, fixes msquadro installer (nw)