Change log - May 16, 2017 - 08:45


* fix for MSVC build (nw)

* Hp9845: Support for HPI floppy format (#2310)

hp9845: Support for HPI floppy format [F. Ulivi, A.Kückes]

* fix MSVC debug builds by specifying /bigobj (needed for mpu4). Release builds don't seem to require it. (nw)

* Fix compile with PSXGPU_DEBUG_VIEWER on (nw)

* paradise: document that penkyi only has 1 OKI on the PCB (nw)

* final timer_pulse removal (nw)

* exidy.cpp: added PROMs to the mtrap sets. These come from a bootleg board and I marked them as bad_dump, though I believe they'll be verified as correct. The Mouse Trap manual confirms it has 3 PROMs.

New working clone


Mouse Trap (version 4, bootleg) [f205v]

* s3.cpp: corrected wldcp_l1 title (nw)

* epos.cpp: Make Tristar 8000 AY clock similar to Tristar 9000 - still not confirmed (nw)

* model3.cpp: Minor doc update (nw)

* Adding hack to fish hashpath option out of INI files prior to softlist evaluation

eientei95 reported an error where the hashpath specified in INI files was not being honored in softlist evaluation. This is a change to preprocess INI files for the sole purpose of finding the hashpath prior to evaluating softlists.

* megaphx: Remove PIC MCU simulation, emulate it instead

* It's now emulated using the existing PIC16C54 dump

* Proper 8255 PPI hookup

* Clean up dip switches, add dip locations

* Add documentation

* New device: SN54/74166 8-Bit Parallel-In/Serial-Out Shift Register

* Merge branch 'pangbb'

* New working clone

* Pang (bootleg, set 5) [ShinobiZ]

(nw) Demoted all MSM5205 Pang clones to MACHINE_IMPERFECT_SOUND, since music speed, which is actually set by the MSM5205 VCK output, is likely too fast for all of these. The sound CPU probably does run at 4MHz, since it's a Z80A.

* Merge branch 'master' of

* xbox: little correction (nw)

* Fix for cbm4032b "Fatal error: devcb_read: Error performing a late bind of type 9pet_state to 14pet2001b_state (name=pet2001b_state::pia1_pb_r)" (nw)

* Fix tools as well (nw)

* Forgot this one for GCC 7.1 (nw)

* Fix remaining GCC 7.1 issue (nw)

* Buffer overrun warnings from GCC 7.1 fixed (nw)

* Merge pull request #2303 from cracyc/linenoise_new

linenoise work

* linenoise: replace linenoise-ng with a different port that is simpler and uses a different UTF8 parser [Carl]

plugins/console: better completions [Carl]

* spc700: 3 more (nw)

* spc700: fix N flag in OP_LSRM (nw)

this macro is playing with fire:

#define FLAG_NZ m_flag_n = m_flag_z /

* Negative Flag and inverted Zero flag */

* spc700: get rid of unneeded shifts (nw)

* Fix obvious bugs found by GCC 7.1 (nw)