Change log - June 16, 2017 - 09:20


* ksayakyu: Acknowledge main interrupt (nw)

* pve500: Use CXD1095 device for I/O (nw)

* Q != 0 (nw)

* plugins/cheat: oops (nw)

* te7750: Corrections, additions and cleanups (nw)

* New device: TE7750 Super I/O Expander

* Flag staraudi with no printer/camera (nw)

* plugins/cheat: refactor and add more ar support (nw)

* This is a Japanese release (nw)

* Actual substitution (oops, nw)

* arkanoid, tehkanwc: More PSG substitution (nw)

* New WORKING software list additions


dragon_cart: Sound Extension, and non-working EPROM Programmer, Speech Synthesis, Ultra Drive

dragon_cass: Hang It!

dragon_flex: Chatplus, Diagnostics, Editor and Assembler, Utilities, etc.

dragon_flop: Various releases from PSE, Dragonfire, N.D.U.G., etc.

dragon_os9: Cash and VAT, DragonPlus OS9 Drivers, Stock Control

* d64plus: Implemented banking of extra 64K, and 6845 with chargen. Machine promoted to WORKING.

dragon32: Added JCB Sound Extension cartridge.

dragon200e: Added correct keyboard.

* bbcb_flop_orig: minor corrections (nw)

* archimedes.xml: Revolver release year (nw)

* afs_dsk: corrected density (nw)

* ay8910.cpp: Document device names (nw)

* hotslots: Some more useful addresses (nw)

* (nw) housekeeping.

* gottlieb.cpp: Correct rom labels for Curve Ball (nw)

* Magicard.cpp: List of supported games...

* Merge branch 'master' of

* nmk16.cpp: Spelling fix (nw)

* Bel Slots Export: Added PCB layout.

* New machines marked as NOT_WORKING


Bel Slots Export (5.01) [Gerald (COY), Roberto Fresca]

* Big Deal Belgien: Added PCB layout.

* New machines marked as NOT_WORKING


Big Deal Belgien (5.04) [Gerald (COY), Roberto Fresca]

* new Palamedes clone added

New Clone Added


Palamedes (US) [caius, The Dumping Union]

* Quingo: switched to hot slots machine since is more accurate.

* hp9k: note keyboard 8042 is undumped (nw)

* system16.cpp: Corrected clocks for Alien Storm (bootleg, set 2) [caius, The Dumping Union]

* Forgot to remove this comment

* yesnoj: Add TC8521 RTC (though the game remains stuck in the 20th century)

tc8521: Add device type as alias for RP5C01 (nw)

* karatblzbl: Fix sound regression this way at least for now (nw)

* viper: revert to using internally generated vblank. voodoo: Write register data to intrCtrl. (nw)

* finally got rid of machine_mconfig_additions (nw)

* rcorsair: Fix gfxdecode and use more likely CPU types (nw)

* viper: Fix interrupt assignment. (nw)

* ginganin: Correct PSG type (nw)

* pipedrm.cpp: Soundlatch modernization (nw)

* plugins/cheat: more gg and an ar decoder (nw)

* voodoo: Extend PCI interrupt support to Voodoo 2 and above. (nw)

* f1gp.cpp: Soundlatch modernization (nw)

* crshrace: Soundlatch modernization (nw)

* inufuku.cpp: Soundlatch modernization (nw)

* gstriker.cpp: Soundlatch modernization (nw)

* voodoo: Separate vblank (external) and pci interrupt (internal) callbacks. (nw)

* suprslam: Soundlatch modernization (nw)

* Merge pull request #2382 from npwoods/coco_misc_hygiene_2

[CoCo] Miscellaneous code cleanups/hygiene (nw)

* [CoCo] Miscellaneous code cleanups/hygiene (nw)

1. Moved [required|optional]_device declarations to be private

2. Better use of references in 6883sam.cpp

3. Standardized how constructors are formatted

* taotaido: Soundlatch modernization (nw)

* welltris.cpp: Soundlatch modernization (nw)

* zaxxon.cpp: Use WRITE_LINE instead of INTERRUPT_GEN (nw)

* new NOT_WORKING clone


Animal Basket (19 Jan 2005) [brizzo]

* Use the new 8255 tristate callbacks to remove some workarounds (nw)