Change log - January 17, 2016 - 08:52 AM


* retofinv: use common Taito MCU hookup

* maxaflex: use new MC68705P3 core

* stfight.cpp: fix ADPCM control

* Latch ADPCM counter on the correct edge

* Remove unused members, eliminate function statics, and fix up save state registration

* Reduce runtime tagmap lookups

* Merge branch 'master' of

* luaengine: wait (nw)

* Mega Bonus Star II (Euro, Millennium Edition):

Get back the attract...

* Mega Bonus Star II (Euro, Millennium Edition):

Inputs from the scratch. Coins and Remote credits. [Roberto Fresca]

* ibmpcjr: Add Fraction Fever to cart softlist, hook up ibm5150 softlist, move nortutil to the ibm5150 softlist (nw)

* Merge pull request #1991 from ajrhacker/68561mpcc_fix

* Fix build (nw)

* Netlist:

- refactored reverse polish notation evaluator into own source files.

- added function parameter to current and voltage sources VS and CS.

You can now use those to e.g. produce a sine wave.

- Changed code to allow devices to optionally be treated as dynamic or timestepping devices.[Couriersud]

* a2bus/mouse.cpp: simplification and cleanup

* Consistent comment styles

* Eliminate device timers altogether

* De-duplicate code for updating X and Y axes

* Merge pull request #1990 from JoakimLarsson/mpcc_1

* - WIP: Refactored device: MPCC 68561 (nw)

- 68230 PIT: Added support for the PSR register, H1-H4 sense and direct pin levels

- WIP: fccpu20: added mpcc device and serial interface (nw)

* New working machine added


Mattel Dalla$ (J.R. handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]

* Merge pull request #1989 from intealls/pa-cc

* Fix MinGW cross-compilation, for real this time

* Fix UWP Build - no portaudio support (nw)

* atom_cass: added various games from A&F and Bug Byte

* electron_flop: minor corrections (nw)

* bbc_flop_65c102: corrected description (nw)

* atom_flop: added Galaxians (Aardvark)

* archimedes.xml: added over 30 games (some protected), and many apps

- removed not supported tag from all sets

* apd_dsk: new floppy format 'Archimedes Protected Disk'

* cop400: Properly separated COP444L from COP444C. [Curt Coder]

* hh_cop400: mattel dallas skeleton driver (nw)

* added novag68k skeleton driver, moved diablo68 to it (nw)

* Register all devices using NETLIB_DEVICE_IMPL. Fix encoding issue. (nw)

* Keep track were registry elements are created. (nw)

* Preparation work for automatically generated include file for devices.

nltool now is able to create all defines from the factory definitions.

This will reduce the number of places needed to touch when adding

devices and always ensure that the parser and statically compiled

netlist code use the same syntax. This will enable us to delete most

device include files, e.g. nld_74107.h.

Netlist usage to create this header file:

./nltool -c header > src/lib/netlist/devices/nld_devinc.h

This is not yet used in production. It will be enabled after additional tests.[Couriersud]

* cop400: Fixed COP444 disassembly. [Curt Coder]

* new clone added as NOT_WORKING


World Kicks (Japan, WK1 Ver.A) [rtw]

* added novag base class (nw)

* cop400: Removed non-working, incomplete COP440 code. (nw)

* renamed fidelity base class (nw)

* bx: fix some mistakes that have already been corrected in upstream (nw)

Same as

* pse.cpp: redumped bazookabr [f205v]

* Correct tilemap colors in Stadium Hero [Bryan McPhail/Guru]

* pushman: better understanding of how CPU reads MCU data/status

bballs: simplify protection MCU simulation using pushman hookup as a guide

(nw) bballs appears to use a simpler single-word arrangement for

messages from CPU to MCU, perhaps so it can use a 28-pin MCU (pushman

MCU receives the command byte on port D, which the 28-pin parts lack)

* change some of my files to use abbreviated integer types (nw)

* for technicality sake, these header files are 100% me (nw)

* thayers: Keyboard WIP. (nw)

* tstrike, ddungeon, darktowr: use new MC68705P3 core

tigeroad.cpp: cleanup and modernisation

* split out bballs and pushman state classes

* use new MC68705R3 core for pushman (this one uses port D - another test case)

* make pushman MCU hookup believable (internal registers can't be in shared RAM)

* use derived memory maps rather than installing handlers in init members