Change log - March 17, 2017 - 10:19 AM


* Fix an off-by-one error when loading upd96050 roms for snes games [Lord Nightmare]

* Merge pull request #2154 from shattered/_b85368c

* hp_ipc: de-skeletonize.

* hiscore.dat: Updates [Leezer]

* intvkbd: Fix Coverity CID159973, Structurally dead code. Was an obvious copy-paste error. (nw)

* vp101: added framebuffer, some inputs, ATA, NVRAM, protection cheat. [R. Belmont]

* Merge pull request #2147 from shattered/_6aa725b

t11: emulation improvements

* t11 cpu: MOV, CLR and SXT read memory before writing to it (page B-8 of User's Manual).

* t11 cpu: emulate MFPT instruction.

* Merge pull request #2152 from Happy-yappH/master

* N64 / RSP - Make element selection in vector load/store DRC C functions consistent with other implementations.

Also fix a minor issue with RDP disassembly listing for Load Block.

* Merge pull request #2153 from shattered/_5321d22

* agat: split from apple2, implement basic agat7 hardware (take 2).

* upd7725: Add siack and soack registers and their requisite jumps, not used yet. Fix missing si register and flags registers savestate registration. [Lord Nightmare]

* Fix validation (nw)

* Merge pull request #2148 from shattered/_9613387

* ibm6580: make memory size configurable; fix a Coverity finding; misc.

* model1: Add dumped internal TGP roms [caps0ff]