Change log - April 17, 2017 - 10:18 AM


* Made a number of device_image_interface members private (#2227)

This also fixes a number of get_default_card_software() implementations that were accessing m_file incorrectly

* Remove duplicate prototype

* Merge pull request #2240 from ajrhacker/supstarf


* Super Star (Recreativos Franco) [AJR, Akiles500]

* New games added as GAME_NOT_WORKING:

GI-Classic EX (Server) [R. Belmont, Phil Bennett, The Dumping Union]

* Merge pull request #2239 from ajrhacker/dipalette_sanity

dipalette: A return to sanity (nw)

* Disallow a negative number of palette entries by changing some types (nw)

* dipalette: A return to sanity (nw)

* Revert entries(), indirect_entries(), shadows_enabled() and hilights_enabled() to return the configuration parameters instead of accessing the live state. The thought behind the implementation change was that palette devices could potentially determine the number of entries from the sizes of devfind objects. The regressions caused by this have been worked around, but it was probably a bad idea in the first place.

* Zero-entry palettes are no longer valid. The code that tried to support them was basically left over from when every running machine had a single global palette.

* Merge pull request #2238 from npwoods/another_option_refactoring

* More options refactoring

This should address outstanding concerns with PR#2231. I'm trying to turn emu_options into a self contained structure that encapsulates behaviors related to options, including the gymnastics pertaining to image/slot loading and interactions with get_default_card_software() and "just works".

When the MAME 0.186 development cycle starts up, I hope to take this further. I want to make core_options::entry an abstract base class so that the entries associated with image options and slot options can derive from it. This will eliminate the current need for emu_options to directly expose maps for image and slot options.

For now, I'm in stabilization mode, and I hope to get things working for a stable 0.185 release.

* Better guess at Sega sound data serial rate (nw)

* sangho.cpp: Correct clocks based on actual XTAL (nw)

Picture of PCB clearly shows a 21.4772MHz, PCB has a Z80B so clock is 3.58 based on XTAL like the YM2413.

* Merge pull request #2226 from fulivi/hp9845_dev11

New driver: HP9845T

* hp9845: 98035 module default SC is 9 now

* hp9845: added second tape drive (T14)

* hp9845: fixed a race condition in 45T. A little cleanup.

* hphybrid: hopefully fixed a super-subtle race condition in 9845T video hw.

* hp9845: driver for HP9845T added (in collaboration with A.Kueckes)

* segaxbd.cpp: Too many watchdog resets; schematics may be wrong (nw)

* Merge pull request #2237 from einstein95/master

esd16: Documentation update (nw)

* Head Panic's nude/bikini pics are displayed after a level when set; more modesty means more clothes and vice versa

* Debugging remnant (nw)

* dsbz80: Not just a one-way street (nw)

* ibm5150.xml, ibm5170.xml: fill in alt versions of recent adds (nw)

* Convert Sega Model 1 Sound Board and Z80-based Digital Sound Board to use proper UART-based serial interfaces

* New working software list additions


ibm5150: Golden Axe, Home Alone [ArcadeShadow]

ibm5170: Gods, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, The Legend of Kyrandia [ArcadeShadow]

* Changed validity_checker to keep a fresh emu_options for validation purposes (#2232)

* Changed validity_checker to keep a fresh emu_options for validation purposes

This seems to solve the performance problems introduced by PR#2221 while keeping with that PR's goals of not using the "runtime" emu_options for purposes of validation.

* Sorry, I can't spell apparently...

* Fixes issues specifying image/slot options fron INI files (reported by Robbbert) (#2231)

This fix really doesn't go far enough. I added hooks so that options specified at the command line can also be responded to when parsed from INI files, but in the long run much of the logic that is currently in mame_options should go into emu_options so that when an option is specified, all of the wacko logic around slot/image specification "just works" because it is encapsulated within emu_options.

We have a release 11 days away; I want to be in stabilization mode.

* Name lookup issues (nw)

* i8251: Improve logging; restrict external command_w and mode_w access to V53 variant (nw)

* chihiro: fix jamdis debug command (nw)