Change log - March 18, 2017 - 09:35 AM


* Confirm a few japanese dump and add a new one. (#2161)

* Add bullvsblj to the confirmed dump section with no pcb pic.

* Add shikinjo to the confirmed dump with no pcb pic section.

* Add new dump of Tom and Jerry (Jpn).

* Add valis3j to the confirmed dump with no pcb pic section

* Move worldillj to the confirmed dump section.

* Move bullvsblj to the confirmed dump section and add pcb feature

* rebalance arcade libs a little (nw)

* added missing line (nw)

* zeus2: Better texture lookup. (nw)

* Perform ide reset during pci device reset

* Added serial input

* ddungeon, darktowr, toffy, stoffy: Use 4-way joysticks

Dangerous Dungeons, despite being a conversion of Double Dragon, has a manual that notes that 4-way joysticks should be used. It seems reasonable to assume that the other non-Technos games should do the same, with the exception of Thunder Strike.

* bagman.cpp: Use 4-way joysticks in all games except squaitsa

* pushman, bballs, supduck: Use 4-way joysticks

No manual or flyer showing controls for Super Duck is available, but gameplay does not seem to accept diagonal input at any time.

* homedata.cpp: various updates [Bad-A-Billy]

* Change 4-way joysticks to correct 8-way to Reikai Doushi according to manual.

* Add button descriptions.

* Add DSW layouts & a note about their numbering according to the manual.

* Fixed MT #2159 thanks to MASH input (nw)

* Fixed missing tmht4pe 3p & 4p inputs (nw)

* upd7725: use accessors to access the SR p0 and p1 bits, rather than masking (nw)

* uPD7725: Fix LSB-first bit ordering for SO reg, not used yet. [Lord Nightmare]