Change log - April 18, 2017 - 10:17 AM


* Compile fix for segas32.cpp (nw)

* Fixed a regression in the mandatory image check (#2243)

As a consequence of recent changes, we were not properly blocking the emulation from starting when a must_be_loaded() image had an unspecified image.

* New working clone


Bionic Commandos (bootleg, set 2) [Team Europe]

* hotrod: Read pedals through MSM6253

* segas32.cpp: Input modernization, phase 1

* Use I8255 or MSM6253 devices for most non-JAMMA inputs

* Separate service and test inputs in Multi-32 and twin-unit sets

arescue: Four coins are recognized, not just two ga2: Use MB8421 device for V25 communications orunners: Assign keys to some 2P inputs

* New working software list additions


bbcb_cass: Added Pro Word, 3D-Wars, Football Director and other games/utilities

* archimedes.xml: fix description and publishers (nw)

* atom: Added csw cassette format

csw_cas: Fixed Coverity CID 136200 Logically dead code (nw)

* jfd_dsk: Fix Coverity CID 161175 Uninitialized scalar variable (nw)

* New working software list additions


coco_cart: Added Super LOGO and removed all Dragon cartridges

dragon_cart: Moved all Dragon cartridges from coco_cart

dragon_cass: All known cassette dumps

dragon_flop: All known floppy dumps

dragon_flex: FLEX System and other Compusense FLEX releases

dragon_os9: OS-9, BASIC09, C, Dynacalc, Pascal, RMS, Stylograph

dgnalpha_flop: OS-9, NitrOS9, C, Dynacalc, Pascal, RMS, Stylograph, etc.

* dragon32: Corrected release year and company of Spanish clones

- Added joysticks to all machines

- Added floppy sounds

dragon200e: Added chargen ROM, not working (possibly mc6847 issue)


d64plus: Added crtc with chargen ROM and second screen output, not yet hooked up


dgnalpha: Added older Boot v0.4 ROM

- Replaced 5.25" floppy drives with 3.5", and added sounds

* dgnbeta: Added software list with OS-9 system and apps

- Replaced 5.25" floppies with 3.5", and added sounds

- Enabled floppy motor

- Removed tag lookups

* ejanhs: Correct game name; document adapter layout (nw)

* Merge pull request #2241 from npwoods/fix_neogeo_vector_out_of_bounds

* Fixed out of bounds issues in NeoGeo memory access

The NeoGeo driver exposes a number of different memory regions as vectors. Accessing the pointers was done through a '&vector[0]' pattern. This caused problems when the region was size zero; I changed the code to return null pointers in these scenarios.

This was reported by Robbbert in response to recent regressions (the command line was 'mame aes bjourney'), but it seems to be present in MAME 0.184.

* Merge pull request #2242 from npwoods/prune_options_cruft

* Pruned out some cruft in src/lib/util/options.[cpp|h]