Change log - May 19, 2017 - 08:16


* segam1.cpp: Hook up video devices, sound and much else (nw)

bingpty and unkm1 both boot to error screens now

* Remove unhelpful assert (nw)

* make generic_terminal a bit more forgiving, should really make a variant of it with no keyboard (nw)

* assert output calback is set for keyboard/terminal (nw)

* More usability improvements:

* Allow multiple patterns/names for -listxml

* Fix some spurious errors from -listroms and -verifyroms with multiple patterns

* r9751: Add terminal keyboard callback

* One more use for core_iswildstr (nw)

* What you can't see can sometimes embarrass you (nw)

* More auxiliary verb stuff:

* -validate complains if device shortnames exceed 32 characters

* -listroms and -verifyroms accept multiple names/patterns